Gunnerkrigg Court: a Character Index

Gunnerkrigg Court is a web comic by Tom Siddell.

This is an index of the characters and episodes/pages, with a very simple selection (“search”) facility: Each page is tagged with the characters appearing or significantly referenced, and other major points of interest.

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113 A number that appears in many places in the court.

Aata An employee (Security guard??) of the court alongside Shell, seems to be more senior than Shell

AdminBot A secretarial robot who sits at the Admin desk at RobotHQ

Agni Hindu fire god; psychopomp

AlchemyChart An alchemical chart

Aly Alistair Kershaw; went to the Forest

AlyShirt A shirt belonging to Aly, which Kat now owns

Angel What robots call Kat

AnimalCells the Court’s large animal holding cells

AnimalLab a Court research lab

Anja Anja Donlan, Kat’s mother

Ankou Breton grim reaper; psychopomp

Annan Annan Waters, a wide river in a deep gorge

Annie Antimony Carver, our protagonist (Fire Head Girl)

AnnieCut The cut on Annie’s etherial face from Jeanne’s sword

AnnieJumper Annie’s original school jumper

AntiGravGenerator An anti-gravity generator that Kat made for the science fair

AntiGravShip An anti-gravity ship that Kat made out of the anti-gravity generator

AntimonySymbol The alchemical symbol for antimony; associated with Annie and Surma

AntlerFae ‘that guy’ – big nose, sandy brown hair, can haz antlers

Anwyn could be described as tree elves but they don’t call themselves that

Archery Fun with bows and arrows!

Armour protective plates and other such wearable items

Armoury Place where lots of weapons are stored

Axe Often used to chop wood

BadgerFae ‘him too’- white hair, two black stripes, former badger

Basil Minotaur

Beacon Safety tool given to Annie, can summon Eglamore within 5 seconds

BeckyGround A student

Bind Etherics binding, hold or constraint hoodoo

Birds Birds hand wings and feathers, Kat and Paz are both fond of them

Bip Parley’s teleportation. May be accompanied by BARGE.

Birmingham What Zimmingham is based on and where Gamma and Zimmy are from. Slightly less nightmarish than Zimmingham.

BismuthSymbol The alchemical symbol for bismuth; associated with the Court

Blackboard Classroom surface for writing on with chalk sticks a.k.a. chalkboard if not black

BlackPen A black marker pen used to draw faces.

BlinkerStone Etheric lens device

Blood Circulatory fluid, supposed to be internal

Blue A crazy fairy obsessed with hair

Blush Happy/embarrassed

BlushFae ‘her too’ – dark pink hair, two rosy cheeks (likes to wang tomatoes?)

Boat A vehicle for crossing water

Bob Bob Sutton, a gardener/maintainer of artificial habitats and keeper of Young’s Park with his wife, Marcia

Bobby A robot at the AnimalLab

Bones Calcified weight bearing structures in the body of vertebrates forming an endo-skeleton; represent death

Bonus Extra pages at the end of the chapter

Boots Made for walking

Boxbot Terrible (q.v.)

Bridge Across the Annan Water to Gillitie Wood

Brinnie Sultry childhood friend of Surma, Anja, Donny, Eggers & co. Probably Brynhildr, the valkrie

Bud Husband of Lindsey, boys’ dorm monitor

Bugsy Teacher Lady, or Teach. Foley teacher, rather be sleeping

Buzz The buzzing in Zimmy's head when the stimuli get too much

Buzzer Bug shaped device for fooling the court’s student tracking system

Caduceus “Herald’s staff” borne by Hermes (Mercury), symbol of commerce

Chemicals May be used to perform terrifying skills of Chemistry or Alchemy

CherryTree Comes as advertised

Chester One of the other school Houses

Chickcharney See Hardwick & Little’s Bestiary, p65

Circus Creepy and filled with clowns

CityFace A pigeon

Classroom Where they have classes

Clowns Creepy, no-one likes them

Computer You're using one right now. The court keeps student records, and many other things on computers.

Cookie Cookie Monster(?), enthusiastic friend of Parley

Court Gunnerkrigg Court, a mysterious institution that includes a boarding school

CourtAgents Some mysterious dudes who take Gamma and Zimmy from Birmingham to the Court

CourtHall A large important hall for meetings

Gunnerkrigg Court logo (for the school); Appears on detention slips and official school letters

CourtSymbol The symbol Annie’s blinker stone makes; has a BismuthSymbol within it

Courtyard A courtyard near the library

Cover A chapter cover

Coyote Trickster; the creator of all; he does not exist, he says

CoyoteTooth It’s a tooth, or is it?

CoyoteStories Stories told about or by Coyote

CreatorGlyph Mark of the robots’ creator: now associated with Kat

Creeper Someone who is creeping

Crying When salty water with enzymes comes out of one’s lacrimal ducts; also, a sign of sadness

CurlyFae ‘this girl too’ – short curly blue hair, red dot below right eye

CwnAnnwn the Cŵn Annwn, spectral hounds of Annwn (the underworld), black dogs/psychopomps of Wales; red ears

Dryad Folk who can control and travel through the trees themselves, Marcia is one.

Diego Former creepy robotics expert; creator of the original robots (but not the TicTocs); referred to as "creator" by the robots

DiegoBot One of the original robots created by Diego many years ago

DiegoStudy Home of all things ancient robot

Dirty What you become when you don't wash for a while

Dolls Kat probably only has action figures she thinks are hot: i.e. David Duchovny (Mulder), Batman and Hellboy

DoorBot A cranky old man robot who guards the door to the RobotHQ

DonlanHouse Home of the Donlan family: Anja, Donny, Kat

Donny Donald Donlan, Kat’s father

Dorm Living quarters at school

DrDisaster Sends the students on hologram simulation adventures!

Eglamore Jimmy/Jim/James/Eggers. Big fellow with sword

EglamoreKnife A switchblade/flick knife present that Eglamore treasures

Earth Ancient element; the planet on which we live; the great mother and life-giver

Employees Miscellaneous Court employees

EnigmaronLair Where the Enigmarons hang out

Enigmarons Bad guy aliens in a simulation

Etherics Manipulation of the Ether – “magic”

Etherium The world/realm of the Ether

EthericShield An etheric/magical shield

EugeneGould Explorer

EyeCrossed A crossed out eye that is a complex warding sign

EyeGunk Etheric eye-gunk possessed by Zimmy and others affected by Zimmingham

EyeSymbol An eye symbol associated with Coyote and Gillitie

Eyes When seeing is important

Fairies Gillitie Wood is full of them

Fight When two people have a disagreement, violently

Filler Not a mainstream story comic

Fire An ancient element

FireElemental A personification of Fire, represented with a FireSpike on their head

FireHose A hose to put out a fire

FireSpike A spiky fire crown associated with FireElemental

FireSymbol The alchemical symbol for fire

FishFae ‘a fish guy?’ — concentrating on making himself handsome, former fish

Fish Aquatic animal, fish live in water and breathe through gills

Flashback Things that happened in the past

FlowerFae ‘this one’ – purple hair, green bar under left eye

FlowerHeadband AKA het-band. pink flower headband, bestows +5 straightness upon the wearer (-5 for a male)

Flowers Colourful plants that grow from the ground. Often given as gifts.

Foley One of the other school Houses

ForestSymbol The symbol Gillitie uses to message; has an “eye” within it

Gamma Gamma Czarnecki, a quiet girl from Poland who only speaks Polish; friends with Zimmy who she met in Birmingham; a Greek letter equivalent to our letter "G"

Gear A toothed cog device which articulates with similar gears or with chains in order to transmit mechanical energy; symbol of mechanical object or machine

Ghosts sometimes haunt mandolins

Gillitie Gillitie Wood where the wild things are, a.k.a. The Forest

Glass A transparent silicon oxide substance used to make windows and the water bearing vessels also called "glasses"

God What is god?

Gol-shogeg Big worm slug monster

GolemHeart The core that makes the robots "work", if you will. Perhaps etheric?

GoodHope Good Hope Hospital is where Surma was before she died

GreenFae ‘this other one’- long straight green hair

Grounds The grounds/gardens of Gunnerkrigg Court

GroundSymbol The electronic symbol for ground

GuestComic Guest comic strips from end of Year 7/Book one

GurtDog A black dog/psychopomp of Somerset; protects children and travellers

Gym School gymnasium

Gytrash A black dog/psychopomp of Northern England; mentioned in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Habitat An environmental decontamination habitat

HabitatSymbol The sign for an artificial habitat

Hall Function hall 113, a hall in the school

HardwickLittleBestiary Reference on mystical creatures

HarryPotter Deserves to be taped to a flag pole for being a ponce

Headmaster Jonathan Llanwellyn, Janet’s father; surprisingly grey, apathetic man, with bad posture

Heart A heart sign, symbol, glyph or character

HedgehogFae ‘and him’ – dreads, former hedgehog

Hexagram Means the art of alchemy, the quintessence or “fire-water”/alcohol; the Jewish Kingdom (Star of David)

Homework School work done outside class hours

Horsebot Robot in a horse frame, as motive power for carriages, carts etc

Hospital The hospital / infirmary within the court

House An unknown person's house (please help!)

Hyland Jack’s father and classmate of Eglamore, Donny, Anja and Surma. Not very nice to Anja or Surma.

Jack Jack Hyland, in the same year as Annie and Kat

Jan January, curt friend of Parley

Janet Fierce daughter of the headmaster

Jeanne Vengeful ghost and guardian of the Annan waters, origionally a fencer belonging to the court.

JeannesLover Jeanne's green forest lover, name as yet unknown.

JollyElfsberry A prancing elf, and alias of Coyote

Jones A name of Wandering Eye

Juliette Employee of the court, is qualified to run the Ether station

Kamlen Anwyn boy about Annie’s and Kat’s age

Kat Katerina Donlan

KatsWorkshop Where Kat indulges her hobbies; in the West Canals; has a hidden room in the bottom

Khepi Head of an Anwyn family

Kiss Smooshing, pashing, making out, a peck on the cheek, first base, kissing

Knight A traditional warrior and military leader who is part of the landed gentry class; often trained in swordsmanship; a chess piece

Labyrinth Not quite a maze

Landscape A view of a wide expanse of land

LaserCow A robotic cow that mows the lawns with its laser eyes. Also, awesome

Lasers Zap! Awesome!

Latin A dead language, some things are written in it

LaundryList A seagull

LeadSymbol The alchemical symbol for lead; associated with protectors of the court such as Eglamore

LeanDog A black dog/psychopomp for Tring, Hertfordshire; red eyes.

Letter A written communication

Library Includes robot parts (!)

Lindsey Dorm monitor, PhD Structural Engineering, accredited couples therapist, Merostomatozon

Lockpicks Annie has some lockpicks which she stores in the WolfToy/Rey’s body

MakeUp Cosmetics to define or enhance appearance, particulaly of the face, eyes and mouth

Mallt-y-nos Matilda of the Night, Night Malt; Welsh psychopomp/crone/witch; rides with the Cŵn Annwn (hounds of the underworld)

Mandolin sometimes they’re haunted

Marcia Marcia Sutton, a dryad and keeper of Young’s Park with her husband, Bob

Margo A student who enjoys singing. Friends with SullivansJohn

MarineFae ‘and her’- aquamarine hair, vertical green bar on forehead

Martin A young boy who has "lost his way" and whom young Annie needs to help

MartinLizard A lizard that Martin likes and shows Annie. Bites.

MartinRoom Martin's hospital/bed room

Mask A cover to hide face, appearance, emotions

Matt A classmate of Annie and Kat

Mercury A poisonous liquid metal; otherwise known as quicksilver; Mercury or Hermes was the son of Apollo, the trickster messenger god of medicine and commerce; psychopomp

MercurySymbol The alchemical symbol for mercury; appears on Rey’s spirit form

Mice Small rodents, common pests, and also in labs.

Microsat5 Tony’s payload delivery satellite

ModdeyDhoo One of the Black Dogs, a psychopomp from the Isle of Man

Montgomery A Seraph Robot

Monument A physical tribute to a well respected person

Moon Our most ancient satellite!

MoonGirl Chang’e

MoonPrint Thumbprint on the moon

Mort A ghost

MrThorn Mr Thorn, Court protector and games teacher to Annie and Kat’s parents

Music Everyone loves music!

Muut Egyptian psychopomp (escorts the dead to the afterlife)

NancyDrew A series of books featuring a teenage girl solving mysteries

NapoleonHat A fitting hat for Reynardine the Great!

Neith Egyptian goddess of war; psychopomp

Nevihta Rogat Orjak to Sir Young, first protector of the court

Observatory A massive telescope

Ocean A whole bunch of water

Octopus A flying / floating octopus

Ogee A city fairy with the power of rusting, who hangs out with a magpie called Bobeyes. Sister of Torus

Ooze What Martin, the lost boy's lizard turns into when it hits the floor

Orb The Globus cruciger, a Christian symbol of power, wielded by monarchs and Christ

Parley George Parley: Swordswoman, medium (Big Nose Girl)

PartyHat A Party hat, hats are fun!

Paz Paz Cadena-Blanco, Spanish, good (speaks?) with animals

PlanTheta Baking Distraction

Pliers Used for manipulating wire; may include wire-strippers or wire-cutters

PowerStation A Court system to extract energy from the Etherium on an industrial scale

PrincessMononoke Animated movie by Hayao Miyazaki

Psychopomps Escort the dead to the afterlife / Ether

Queslett Annie & Kat’s school House

Rain Water, falling from the sky

Red A crazy and abrasive fairy

Rey Reynardine, Renard, a crafty fox spirit or demon

ReyComic A comic page authored by Reynardine

River Comes as advertised

Robot A Messianic S-13

RobotDesigns Designs and Blueprints for robots old and new

RobotHQ Where the Robots hang out

RobotKing A robot with a crown, blank face, and a pen

Robotics Like Etherics but with metal

RobotParts Bits of robots currently not attached

Robots A collective noun

RobotTomb Tomb/theatre full of robots

Robox Has no hands; awesome; everybody loves Robox. The opposite of terrible

RogatOrjak Dragon-like giant

Roof The top of the court

S1 Original Seraph Robot made by Diego; predecessor of Robot

Scissors A simple device for cutting things, especially paper, hair

Seraph Generic member of the Seraph model of robots. Robot was originally one

Secret Things that are kept hidden, unknown, mysterious…

SecurityDevice Small devices that supposedly warn Jack when people are coming

SecurityRobots They ensure security, as robots

SeedBismuth It’s a mystery

Shadow The Thin Man

Shadowman Not the Thin Man

Shadowmen Creations of Coyote

Shell An employee (Security guard??) of the court, alongside Aata

SilverSymbol Alchemical Symbol for Silver

SimRocket A rocket/spaceship in Dr Disaster’s simulation

Simulation One of Dr Disaster’s holographic adventures

SirYoung Protector of the Court at its founding

SivoBody A deceased Rogat Orjak

Sky Comes as advertised; full of stars; the universe; the "father" in mythology

SkyWatcher A praying mantis-like robot that collects meteorological data

SkullCrossbones The skull and crossbones; a poison or toxin symbol; symbolises death; associated with pirates

SmallBot A young eye-witness model

Smitty Andrew Smith: usually brings order from chaos (Mighty Eyebrows Boy)

Spankies From Annie for when Coyote is a Bad Dog!

Speakeasy A hotel-like place that the students sneak out to with a “speakeasy-like atmosphere”

Spiders Often white and etheric, also often real.

SpringHeels Jack can jump, really high, almost flying...

StarHeadband A headband with stars on antennae that Annie uses to pretend she is a Robot

Stars Celestial bodies

Steadman An archer, present at the founding of the court

StopBot Model B robots with stop signs for heads and boxing glove arms

Students Miscellaneous students

SubDorm Year 9’s dorm: a retrofitted sub aquatic deep sea drilling platform

SullivansJohn Sullivan’s John. A student who likes to play the mandolin

Sun Our closest star!

SunSymbol Alchemical symbol for the Sun, doubles as the symbol for gold

Surma Surma Stibnite, Annie’s mother

SurmaWhisper Surma whispers something in the past to Annie

Symbol Unidentified symbol (please help!)

Sword Comes as advertised

Tea Explains things in-between chapters

Tears In the eyes, visibly crying, etc

Teacher A miscellaneous teacher

Tents For sleeping inside, outside

Terrible BoxBot (q.v.)

Thornhill One of the other school Houses

TicToc Birdlike robotic watchers

Tiki A Polynesian totem

Tom Tom Siddell, author of Gunnerkrigg Court

Tony Anthony Carver, Annie’s father

Torus A city fairy who deals with pigeons such as City Face. Sister of Ogee.

Train One of many trains that is used to commute in the court

TrainStation One of many stations in the court

Traitor One who betrays their allies

Treatise Symbolic representation of the story

TreeBody Ysengrin’s artificial tree-like body. His true body underneath is a physically weaker, much older wolf

TreeDog They usually go woof, unless created by the forest

Trees Come as advertised (usually)

Uniform An outfit one wears when on official business

Valknut A Norse symbol, indicates a form of teleport/gateway

Veles Ancient Slav snake-like god who guards the underworld; psychopomp

VII The number seven, numerologically symbolises virginity, change, completion of a cycle, luck, perfection

VincentPrice A famous actor

WanderingEye Symbol of that which calls itself Jones, currently

Warehouse113 Not a secret base at Long Acre

WaterFae ‘this girl’ – short blue spikey hair, 2 dots under right eye, had a waterfall?

WaterSymbol Alchemical symbol for water

WhiteSpider Also known as WhiteLegs, associated with Jack Hyland’s etheric form when he got stuck in Zimmingham, until Zimmy helped him get rid of it.

Winsbury Not a very nice boy

WolfToy A small wolf toy made by Annie’s mother

WhiteRabbit Every story begins with a rabbit (except the ones that don’t)

WoodenArm A mysterious wooden arm from Gillitie

WorkshopKey The key for Kat's Workshop

YellowFae ‘him’- yellow hair, kinda sideways windswept

YoungBot A large, bull-like robot made my Diego that resembles Sir Young

YoungsPark A large park within the Court, looked after by Bob and his wife Marcia; named after Sir Young, the original Protector of the Court

Ysengrin Wolf/Tree hybrid demigod of the forest; Coyote’s General

ZAM Noise of a Valknut teleport

Zeta A Greek letter corresponding to our "Z"; zimmy's real name

Zimmingham Zimmy's nightmarish version of Birmingham

Zimmy aka Zeta, a strange girl who is friends with Gamma; from Birmingham originally

p.1209 AntimonySymbol Court House Rey (Rey scrapes at the door and scratches it; no-one is home; he walks down the street)

p.1208 AntimonySymbol Court House Rey (Rey walks down the street in the outer parts of the court and sees a house)

p.1207 Lindsey Rey SubDorm Out and about today Renard (toy to white wolf transform)

p.1206 Annie Blush Kat Paz Rey SubDorm Tom: Annie does not know yet

p.1205 Annie AntimonySymbol Dorm ReyComic Rey Renard, we’re heading off to class now

p.1204 Cover Chemicals ScienceLab SkullCrossbones Icon: a packet of sewing needles

Chapter 43: Quicksilver

p.1203 Bonus Gillitie Ocean Octopus Bonus Page: Traveller (Floating Octopus goes to the ocean)

p.1202 AnimalLab Blush Kat Paz Yeah… okay.

p.1201 AnimalLab Blush Kat Paz I decide to stop worrying and see what would happen

p.1200 AnimalLab Blush Kat Paz The letter was from me

p.1199 AnimalLab Bobby Kat Paz The only time I get a love letter and it is from a robot

p.1198 AnimalLab Bobby Kat Did you write this letter to me?

p.1197 AnimalLab Bobby Kat Paz Kat! You have not been here in a while…

p.1196 AnimalLab Annie Kat Parley Paz Smitty Say, where is Kat anyway

p.1195 Annie Jeanne Parley Smitty I think it’s exactly what I need to face Jeanne

p.1194 Annie Parley Smitty Annie was laughing her head off but you looked so shocked, babe!

p.1193 Eglamore Gillitie Parley Smitty Stampede!

p.1192 Annie Bridge Eglamore Gillitie Parley Smitty (cobra)

p.1191 Annie Chickcharney Fairies Gillitie Octopus Smitty (gnome)(bear)(horse) So that’s what I’ve been doing wrong

p.1190 Annie Chickcharney Fairies Gillitie Smitty (gnome) Look! I brought more friends in need!

p.1189 Annie Chickcharney Gillitie Smitty (marble) (doe) She wishes to know when spring will come

p.1188 Annie Chickcharney Gillitie Smitty (marble) (doe) Hello! It’s me again

p.1187 Annie Chickcharney Gillitie Smitty It’s called a marble. I had one in my pocket

p.1186 Annie Chickcharney Gillitie Smitty (marble) Hardwick & Little’s Bestiary, p65

p.1185 Annie Chickcharney Gillitie Smitty I’ve never seen a real forest before

p.1184 Annie Bridge Eglamore Gillitie Parley Smitty Have you forgotten what happened with Ysengrin

p.1183 Annie Kat (dining hall) I have a good idea who it is from

p.1182 Annie Kat (dining hall) It’s very eloquently written…

p.1181 Annie Bridge Eglamore Gillitie Parley Smitty But I suggest running!

p.1180 Annie Eglamore Gillitie Parley Smitty That didn’t exactly go to plan!

p.1179 Annie Gillitie Smitty (Running: Annie cackling wildly; Smitty concerned)

p.1178 Cover BirdClaw Icon: a marble lying on the ground of Gillitie

Chapter 42: Catalyst

p.1177 CityFace Filler City Face guest comic by City Face

p.1176 CityFace Filler LaundryList Tom City Face guest comic by Tom

p.1175 Blue CityFace Filler Red City Face guest comic 8 by Red and “Blue”

p.1174 CityFace Filler Gamma Zimmy City Face guest comic by Gamma (and Zimmy?)

p.1173 Annie CityFace Filler Kat Lindsey City Face guest comic by Lindsey

p.1172 CityFace Filler Mort City Face guest comic by Mort

p.1171 CityFace Filler Robot Shadow City Face guest comic by Robot and Shadow

p.1170 CityFace Filler Rey ReyComic City Face guest comic by Renard

p.1169 CityFace Filler Kat City Face guest comic by Kat

p.1168 Annie CityFace Filler City Face guest comic by Annie

p.1167 Filler Tea

Guest Comics

p.1166 Filler Tom “So, how’s it been going?” open letter by Tom

p.1165 Bonus Treatise Annie AntimonySymbol BlinkerStone Court Coyote CreatorGlyph Gillitie Heart Kat Robot Shadow Treatise WanderingEye Ysengrin Bonus Page: Treatise Five

p.1164 Annie Kat It’s written to you.

p.1163 Annie Heart Kat Rey It’s a Love Letter
Tom: Oh no

p.1162 Annie Kat Rey I’m glad we’ll be sharing this room together, Kat

p.1161 Annie Kat Robots How are Robot and Shadow?

p.1160 Annie Kat Rey Whoa, you set your hair on fire?!

p.1159 Annie Coyote Etherics Fire Rey Well, Fire Head Girl, what do you say?

p.1158 Annie Coyote Eglamore Headmaster Jones Parley Smitty Ysengrin You want me to work for you?

p.1157 Annie Coyote Rey Ysengrin An honorary citizen of the forest!

p.1156 Coyote Headmaster Parley Rey Smitty Are you husband and wife?
Tom: Personal space? What’s that?

p.1155 Annie Headmaster Jones Parley Rey Smitty Tears I’m sure you understand this ends your visiting privileges to the forest

p.1154 Anja Annie Donny Eglamore Headmaster LeadSymbol Parley Tom: Nice to have career options

p.1153 Anja Annie Blush Donny Coyote Eglamore Headmaster Smitty Tears Ysengrin MURMRMR

p.1152 Annie Headmaster Parley Rey Smitty Andrew Smith the court has decided you shall be the next medium

p.1151 Annie Coyote Headmaster Parley Smitty Ysengrin We do so love visiting your rabbit warren!

p.1150 Annie BismuthSymbol Coyote Eglamore Jones Ysengrin Nod

p.1149 Anja Blush Annie Donny Parley Rey Smitty Did we miss anything?

p.1148 Annie BismuthSymbol Rey I think we made it…

p.1147 Annie BlinkerStone Kat KatsWorkshop Rey Robots Seraph Who are you guys?!

p.1146 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Lasers CreatorGlyph Robot Robots Shadow S13, you have long since predicted the coming of an angel

p.1145 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Rey Robot Robots Shadow You have found a way to interface this technology with ours?

p.1144 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Rey Robot Robots Are you sure about this, Robot?

p.1143 Annie Kat Rey Robot Robots Seraph Shadow Warehouse113 S13 is being held for the spreading of disinformation and rumour

p.1142 Annie Etherics Kat Rey Robot Robots Seraph Warehouse113 Just because she is beautiful and angelic in appearance

p.1141 Annie Kat Robots Seraph Warehouse113 A simple electro-disruptor. Use of this illegal device has been noted

p.1140 Annie Kat Rey Robot Robots Seraph Shadow Warehouse113 Shadow! You should not have come here!

p.1139 Annie Kat Rey Robot Robots Seraph Shadow Warehouse113 NOT a secret base

p.1138 Annie Kat Rey Roof Robot Robots Seraph Shadow SmallBot Good day to you, young eye-witness model

p.1137 Annie Kat Rey Robots Roof Seraph Shadow SmallBot I’m going to take a look at your video log, okay?

p.1136 Annie Kat Rey Robots Roof Shadow SmallBot I sawed it all!

p.1135 Annie Dorm Kat Shadow Robots Roof Seraph Shadow! What are you doing here?

p.1134 Annie Dorm Kat Rey SubDorm I’m in your room all the time anyway

p.1133 Annie Dorm Kat Lindsey Paz Rey SubDorm Would you like to share a room?

p.1132 Roof Shadow (casts: Fly like an Eagle)

p.1131 Robot Roof Robots Seraph Shadow Shadow, you must get away, like we practiced

p.1130 Robot Roof Robots Seraph Shadow We have found you, Number 13

p.1129 Robot Roof Shadow Here, you just sit like that… (a tender moment)

p.1128 Annie Cover Coyote Kat Parley Smitty Rey Robot Robots Seraph Shadow Icon: Kat's workshop

Chapter 41: Changes

p.1127 Annie Bonus Jones Kat Bonus page: Smile

p.1126 Annie Jones And, I don’t think you are as emotionless as you say

p.1125 Annie Jeanne Jones Since you spent the summer in the forest I noticed you have become somewhat unruly

p.1124 Annie Coyote Jones He… attacked me when we talked about all this

p.1123 Annie PowerStation Jones Rey Why is Coyote so eager for me to learn about this?

p.1122 Annie Coyote Jones Mort Moon MoonPrint Rey But that has always been true in a way

p.1121 Annie Jones Coyote’s theory claims all supernatural creatures are created by

p.1120 Annie Coyote Jones Stars Now, I gather something happened in the forest?

p.1119 Annie Court Jones So, were you around when the court was founded?

p.1118 Annie Eglamore Jones I found the best way to observe human life is to live closely with them

p.1117 Annie Jones WanderingEye You remember… everything?

p.1116 Annie Jones I cannot be marked or damaged in any way

p.1115 Annie Jones A stone? Like some sort of golem?

p.1114 Annie Jones For the longest time I merely existed and travelled the Earth

p.1113 Annie Jones You… were there at the formation of the Earth?

p.1112 Annie Currently (and formation of the Earth ~4.5 Gya)

p.1111 Fire Jones Many eons ago (bombardment ~4 Gya)

p.1110 Jones Ocean Several eras ago (Cambrian? 500mya) (Bud & Lindsey’s forebears??)

p.1109 Jones The previous epoch: (Ice age?)

p.1108 Jones Many millennia ago: (~30,000BCE) (bison tossing)

p.1107 Jones Several millennia ago: (desert) (mirage)

p.1106 Fire Jones Millennia ago: (Rome? 64AD?)

p.1105 Jones Many centuries ago: (Mediaeval) She’s a devil!

p.1104 Jones Ocean Several centuries ago: (C16) We will be in Jamestown this evening

p.1103 Jones The previous century: (C18?) You will find him a most agreeable child, Elizabeth. (young Samuel Langdon)

p.1102 Jones The previous century: (Early C19?) Will you not keep the name Elizabeth? (old Samuel Langdon)(Elizabeth Langdon)

p.1101 Jones Many Decades ago: (Mid C19) It is clear to see why the Lady Elizabeth remains hidden from sight

p.1100 Blood Jones Several decades ago: (WWII?) (Mr Jones)
Tom: Emma becomes Jones

p.1099 Eglamore Jones Decades ago: (Late 50s/early 60s?) Wave to your parents James (Eglamore is 9, see 1118)
Tom: Mr Eglamore whistles, “Do all their teachers look like that?” and Mrs Eglamore playfully slaps him. There are tears in her eyes.

p.1098 Donny Eglamore Jones Many years ago: Donald has come to us from outside the court

p.1097 Eglamore Jones Several years ago: What could Surma possibly see in someone like Tony?

p.1096 Eglamore Jones RogatOrjak Years ago

p.1095 Eglamore Jones A week ago

p.1094 Headmaster Jones Yesterday: You have my recommendation, Jonathan

p.1093 Annie Jones What are you?

p.1092 Cover Landscape Icon: Jones's eye

Chapter 40: The Stone

p.1091 Bonus Mort Bonus Page :Mort Fun Time

p.1090 Coyote Gillitie TreeBody Ysengrin Stand back up and pull yourself together

p.1089 Coyote Etherium Gillitie Ysengrin Now why don’t I just remove this nasty little memory?

p.1088 Coyote Gillitie TreeBody Ysengrin What… what… I- I tried to attack… the girl…

p.1087 Annie Eglamore Gillitie I’m sorry

p.1086 Annie Armour Blush Eglamore Gillitie They are not your pets

p.1085 Annie Armour BlinkerStone Eglamore Gillitie Sword Ysengrin He’s still coming!

p.1084 Annie Armour Eglamore Etherics Gillitie Sword Ysengrin Tree/Wolf stretch

p.1083 Annie Armour Eglamore Gillitie Sword Valknut Ysengrin ZAM ZAM [‘ZAM’ is a more ostentatious ‘Bip’][Should we tag Eglamore-esque Jumps, btw?]

p.1082 Annie Beacon Eglamore Flashback Gillitie Ysengrin On the first sign of trouble, snap this beacon

p.1081 Annie Beacon Gillitie Ysengrin You’re not like this!

p.1080 Annie Gillitie Ysengrin creak … snap … GRUUH!
Tom: Ysengrin seems to disagree

p.1079 Annie Gillitie Ysengrin You think you are better than me because you are human?

p.1078 Annie Gillitie Ysengrin Well I feel real enough

p.1077 Annie Gillitie Ysengrin Coyote is not the only powerful one

p.1076 Annie Gillitie Ysengrin Why does Coyote’s theory upset you so much

p.1075 Annie Coyote Gillitie I really wish you weren’t so rude to Ysengrin

p.1074 Annie Coyote Gillitie I noticed something wrong with your theory, Coyote

p.1073 Annie Coyote Flashback Gillitie Surma So… the Guides…

p.1072 Annie Coyote Etherium Flashback ModdeyDhoo It is because they are absorbed into the Ether

p.1071 Annie Coyote Etherium God The curse causes Man to stumble through this world forever asking Questions

p.1070 Annie Coyote Etherium God He does not see an animal looking for a meal, he sees the power of a god

p.1069 Annie Coyote Gillitie … Can I go home now? [and: a coyote]

p.1068 Coyote Ether Gillitie I. Do Not. Exist!
Tom: Also: kind of a jerk.

p.1067 Annie Coyote Gillitie Ysengrin and so, Fire Head Girl told Coyote lovely stories about how amazing he is
Tom: Try not to look at the camera, Coyote

p.1066 Annie Coyote Gillitie Ysengrin Your great secret?
Tom: Coyote gets his way

p.1065 Annie Coyote Gillitie Ysengrin Coyote! Hove some dignity!
Tom: A new range of expressions for Ysengrin

p.1064 Annie Coyote Gillitie Please! Pleeeease tell me stories! Oh please! Pleasepleeeease!
Tom: The Greate Coyote

p.1063 Annie Coyote Gillitie Ysengrin Who said you had any choice in the matter, Fire Head Girl?
Tom: Flick

p.1062 Annie Coyote Gillitie You will tell me stories
Tom: Told you he was a jerk

p.1061 Annie Coyote Gillitie Boo!
Tom: This jerk again

p.1060 Annie Etherium Ysengrin Tom: Walkin’ along

p.1059 Annie Bridge Eglamore Gillitie Ysengrin Tom: Been a while

p.1058 Annie Armour Bridge Gillitie Eglamore Sword Ysengrin Considering what’s happened these part few weeks

p.1057 Annie Armour Bridge Eglamore Gillitie Sword You know , you don’t have to wear that outfit every time we go across the bridge

p.1056 Cover Bones Coyote Icon: the Moon?

Chapter 39: The Great Secret

p.1055 Bonus Filler Tea Bonus Page: heart rate monitors

p.1054 FlowerHeadband Gamma Hospital Zimmy Are you sure you don’t want them to know you helped?

p.1053 Annie Gamma Hospital Kat MakeUp Zimmy I brought these for you

p.1052 Annie Hospital Kat So I just collapsed in the hall?

p.1051 Annie Hospital Kat You’re awake!

p.1050 FlowerHeadband Gamma Hospital Kat Tears Zimmy You can’t always run from what scares you

p.1049 Angel Kat (The image of how Kat appears to Zimmy, a Giger-like metallic robot angel)

p.1048 FlowerHeadband Gamma Hospital Kat Robot Shadow Zimmy Hey, what happ–

p.1047 Annie Etherium Fight FlowerHeadband Jack Kat Mask Hospital Zimmy Zimmingham Yer Dad’s a JERK!

p.1046 Annie Etherium Jack Mask Zimmy Zimmingham I don’t want to know about your million boyfriends

p.1045 Annie Bone FlowerHeadband Hospital Kat Rey Robot Shadow Zimmingham Zimmy Okay this is where things start to go bad…

p.1044 AnnieCut Bone Etherium Fight Fire Tony Zimmy A message from your little girl, mate!

p.1043 Bones Etherium Fire Tony Zimmy (Zimmy reaches out, touching the "bones" extending from Annie's soul; she sees Tony through the fire)

p.1042 Annie CityFace Etherium FlowerHeadband Hospital Kat Zimmy What’s the matter? Don’t like him?

p.1041 Annie Bones CityFace Etherium Fire FireElemental Hospital Kat Mask Zimmy No wonder you’re like this, Carver

p.1040 Annie Bones Etherium Fire FireElemental Mask Pretty hot in here

p.1039 Annie CherryTree Etherium Fight Kat Mask Zimmy You got no fight in you, Carver

p.1038 Annie CherryTree CityFace Homework Kat Mask Spiders Zimmy Well. Things seem okay up here.

p.1037 Annie CherryTree CityFace Gillitie Kat Mask Tears Zimmy Don’t tell me you are looking into her dreams…

p.1036 Annie AntimonySymbol Anwyn CityFace Gillitie Hospital Kamlen Kat Jones Mask Rey Robot Shadow Zimmy Woah! Haha! Did she get a green boyfriend or sumthin’?

p.1035 Annie Bind CoyoteTooth Gillitie Kamlen Spiders Zimmy Oh yeah, she went into the forest, huh?

p.1034 Annie CityFace Etherium Gillitie Hospital FlowerHeadband Kat Zimmy

p.1033 Annie Blush CityFace Gamma Hospital FlowerHeadband Kat Rey Zimmy You… You can help?

p.1032 Annie CityFace Gamma Hospital FlowerHeadband Kat Rey Robot Shadow Zimmy D-Did Paz say something?!

p.1031 Annie CityFace Gamma Hospital FlowerHeadband Kat Rey Robot Shadow Zimmy Why are those two even here?

p.1030 Annie FlowerHeadband Gamma Hospital Kat Rey Zimmy Z-Zimmy, Gamma… I didn’t hear you come in

p.1029 Annie AntimonySymbol Hospital FlowerHeadband Kat Rey Robot Shadow Zimmy (hospital room: quiet & still)

p.1028 Gamma Zimmy Zimmingham I don’t want to see her!

p.1027 AnnieCut Zimmy Zimmingham Not mine!
Tom: Look who’s scrambling around in the trash again.

p.1026 CityFace Cover Icon: Kat with the pink headband and "city face" pigeon on her head
Chapter 38: Divine

p.1025 Bonus Anja Eglamore Jones Kat PlanTheta Bonus Page:What About These Guys?

p.1024 Annie Blush Donny Etherics Robotics Roof i’m happy my daughter has you as a friend

p.1023 Annie Donny Microsat5 Roof they flew away… that’s it? That’s it.

p.1022 Annie Donny Etherics Microsat5 Robotics Roof what kind of rocket was that?!

p.1021 Annie Donny Etherics Microsat5 Robotics Roof here we go… three, two, one, now

p.1020 Annie Donny Eglamore Microsat5 Roof oh! It’s time!

p.1019 Annie Flashback Tony Tom: She doesn’t remember much else from that day

p.1018 Annie Flashback Tony Tom: Martial arts experts, please calm down. Their belts are grey because they are no specific colour

p.1017 Annie Anja Donny Etherics Robotics Roof haha! Just a function of my wife’s amazing computer

p.1016 Annie Donny Etherics Microsat5 Robotics Roof Tony so this satellite will help us get these supplies to my father?

p.1015 Annie Donny Etherics Robotics Tony Tony. How strange, it almost makes him sound like… like… a person

p.1014 Annie Anja Donny Eglamore Flashback Horsebot Surma Tony the point is, with Tony, the smallest thing can carry the greatest weight

p.1013 Anja Brinnie Donny Eglamore Flashback Surma Tony all he had to do was ask brinnie if she wanted to go too
Tom: Donny watches a friend shoot himself down. What more can he do?

p.1012 Annie Anja Brinnie Donny Flashback Surma Tony i’d never seen him in a mess before, and over a girl!

p.1011 Brinnie Donny Flashback Tony you either like her or you don’t, tony!

p.1010 Annie Brinnie Donny Flashback Tony Antimony… how well do you know your father?

p.1009 Annie Donny Tony Microsat5 well now, this is no good

p.1008 Annie Donny Tony so… you think it’s some kind of message?

p.1007 Annie Donny Etherics Robotics it’s my portable door

p.1006 Annie Donny Etherics Robotics anyway, about the call, did it seem strange to you?
Tom: Whatever you do, don’t say the message out loud

p.1005 Annie Crying Donny W-what’s happening? I’m a mess!

p.1004 Annie Anja Donny Eglamore Kat here, give your hands a resy, eh?

p.1003 Annie Anja Donny Eglamore Kat Tony my father called me.

p.1002 Cover Earth Microsat5 Sky Icon: a packet of scalpel blades

Chapter 37: Microsat 5

p.1001 Bonus AntlerFae BadgerFae Blue BlushFae Bugsy CurlyFae FishFae FlowerFae GreenFae HedgehogFae MarineFae Red WaterFae YellowFae Bonus Page:Chapter 36 Character Guide

p.1000 Annie Foley Jones Shadow transferring a call, Ms. Carver

p.999 Annie Foley Jones Shadow so, shadow, did you find a nice class?

p.998 Annie Blue Foley Jones Red Shadow did you have a good time?

p.997 Annie AnnieCut AntlerFae CurlyFae FlowerFae Foley MarineFae YellowFae can you give me a name too?!

p.996 BadgerFae Blue BlushFae Bugsy Foley Red WaterFae YellowFae ooh! fight! fight!

p.995 Annie AnnieCut AntlerFae BadgerFae Blue FlowerFae Foley GreenFae HedgehogFae MarineFae Red Tom: Here it is. The best page of Gunnerkrigg Court.

p.994 Annie AnnieCut Blue BlushFae Bugsy Foley GreenFae HedgehogFae Red YellowFae you didn’t guess at all! You just named her!

p.993 Annie AnnieCut BadgerFae Blue BlushFae Bugsy Etherics FlowerFae Foley Red WaterFae What?! What did you call me?!

p.992 Annie AnnieCut BadgerFae Blue Etherics FlowerFae Foley Gol-shogeg GreenFae HedgehogFae MarineFae Red Red, How can you be so cruel?!

p.991 Annie AnnieCut Blue Etherics Foley Gol-shogeg Red Oh no! she’s dead!

p.990 Annie AnnieCut AntlerFae BlushFae Bugsy Etherics FishFae Foley Gol-shogeg GreenFae Red YellowFae that’s pretty scary. Still wish I was asleep though

p.989 Annie AnnieCut BadgerFae Blue Etherics Foley Gol-shogeg MarineFae WaterFae GROOONK

p.988 Annie AnnieCut Blue Bugsy Etherics Foley Gol-shogeg Red you know what a Gol-shogeg is, right?

p.987 Annie AnnieCut Blue BlushFae Coyote CurlyFae FlowerFae Foley GreenFae MarineFae Red WaterFae YellowFae what else can you do?!

p.986 Annie AnnieCut Blue Etherics Fire FlowerFae Foley Red YellowFae Ysengrin what about you, fatty? You got any tricks?

p.985 Annie AnnieCut AntlerFae BadgerFae Etherics FlowerFae Foley HedgehogFae WaterFae what were you… before?

p.984 Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone CurlyFae Etherics Foley FishFae FlowerFae Red let’s try dis!

p.983 Annie AnnieCut AntlerFae BadgerFae BlinkerStone BlushFae Etherics Foley GreenFae HedgehogFae FlowerFae MarineFae Red WaterFae YellowFae hey, you’s still connected to your body!

p.982 Annie AnnieCut AntlerFae BadgerFae BlinkerStone Blue Etherics Foley FlowerFae GreenFae Red WaterFae YellowFae took ya long enough!

p.981 Annie Bugsy Foley Red um, excuse me…

p.980 Annie Foley Jones Red Robot Shadow do you know that girl?

p.979 Annie Foley Jones Robot Shadow Train He seems a little younger than yourself, but I’m sure I can find a class for him

p.978 Annie Jones Shadow Sweets Train I think I know where he can go unnoticed

p.977 Annie Jones Shadow we’ve been looking after him, but his needs are different now

p.976 Annie Jones Shadow and now, a young shadow man walks and lives amongst the humans

p.975 Coyote CoyoteStories Shadowmen how the glass eyed men became shadow men

p.974 Cover Red Icon: Annie's hair and the Etherium

Chapter 36: Red Gets a Name

p.972 Annie Kat Parley Rey Robot Shadow Smitty truly, I’ve never seen anything like it

p.971 Annie Kat Parley Rey Robot Shadow Smitty shadow, you are three dimensional now.

p.970 Annie Bip Kat Robot Shadow there he is!

p.969 Kat Robot Shadow i love my good friend, shadow

p.968 Bip Kat FlowerHeadband Parley Robot Smitty let’s get you fixed up!

p.967 Annie Bip FlowerHeadband Kat Parley Robot Shadow Smitty i’m okay, I just feel… really weird…

p.966 Annie Kat Parley Rey Robot Shadow Smitty urghh… i… don’t feel so… good…

p.965 CoyoteTooth Parley Robot Shadow Tom: sharp enough to cut a shadow from the floor

p.964 Annie CoyoteTooth FlowerHeadband Kat Parley Robot well how sharp can it-

p.963 Annie CoyoteTooth Parley it’s one of coyote’s teeth

p.962 Annie DiegoBot CoyoteTooth Parley Rey Robot Seraph Shadow Parley, I have something you may be able to use

p.961 Annie Bip Kat Parley Rey Robot Shadow Smitty Bip and Barge!

p.960 Bip Parley Robot Shadow don’t stop ‘til you hit me this time!

p.959 Parley Robot don’t apologise, man, this is awesome!

p.958 Annie FlowerHeadband Parley Robot Shadow Whoa, hey, you’re not holding back on me, are ya?!

p.957 Annie FlowerHeadband Kat Rey Smitty you must admit, it is a nice sight

p.956 Parley Robot Shadow fencing…

p.955 Annie FlowerHeadband Jeanne Kat Parley Rey Robot Smitty okay! you up for some sparring, robby?

p.954 Annie Bip FlowerHeadband Kat Parley Rey Robot Shadow Smitty did you just do that thing where you say “bam” right when I decide to jump?

p.953 Annie FlowerHeadband Kat Rey Robot Smitty Reynard is the resident ladies expert

p.952 Annie Bip FlowerHeadband Kat Parley Rey Smitty sorry about that. It happens sometimes

p.949 Annie Bip FlowerHeadband Kat Parley Rey Smitty is she not here yet? Ahem… bam. BIP

p.948 Cover Flowers Icon: a flower

Chapter 35: Parley and Smitty Are In This One

p.947 Bonus Janet Kat Margo SullivansJohn Winsbury Bonus Page:Backfired

p.946 Annie AnnieCut Bud Etherics Lindsey Speakeasy hey Linds, gimmie a kiss

p.945 Annie Bud Creeper Etherics Speakeasy They’re a good bunch of kids just having some fun

p.944 Annie Kat Speakeasy Scoot, scoot, dearest

p.943 Annie Jack Kat Paz Speakeasy Creeper Kat creepin’

p.942 Annie Jack Speakeasy well I-

p.941 Annie Buzzer Jack Kat Margo Paz Speakeasy SullivansJohn The sun’s coming up

p.940 Annie Jack Speakeasy Ysengrin So really… Zimmy?

p.939 Bud Janet Kat Margo Matt Paz Speakeasy SullivansJohn Winsbury huh, looks like they don’t believe us!

p.938 Janet Speakeasy Winsbury right, right. So you were driving your tricked out horse

p.937 Janet Speakeasy Winsbury no no, William, you misremember

p.936 Janet Speakeasy Winsbury it all started in year 7 when I was an undercover cop

p.935 Bud Janet Kat Margo Matt Paz Speakeasy SullivansJohn Winsbury I’d say you get along pretty well now

p.934 Bud Janet Kat Mandolin Margo Matt Paz Speakeasy SullivansJohn Winsbury no! sing the boys part!

p.933 Annie Jack Speakeasy I just don’t know what I’m doing…

p.932 Annie Jack Roof Speakeasy I really am sorry, Jack

p.931 Annie Jack Roof Speakeasy this wasn’t some “flash of anger” thing

p.930 Annie Jack Roof Speakeasy man, talk about baggage!

p.929 Annie Jack Roof Speakeasy You’ve got some strange ideas about revenge, Carver

p.928 Annie Jack Roof Speakeasy Spiders Zimmy I-I’m fairly certain she and Gamma are… an item.

p.927 Annie Jack Roof Speakeasy Zimmy I’m in love with Zimmy!

p.926 Annie Jack Roof Speakeasy Jack… I don’t think I like you very much

p.925 Annie Bud Jack Roof Speakeasy no, bud can still see us

p.924 Blush Kat Paz Speakeasy I wasn’t hitting on you!

p.923 Kat Paz Speakeasy I-I like you but… I-I’m not… like that…

p.922 Kat Paz Speakeasy oh Kat, I’m so embarrassed!

p.921 Blush Bud Janet Kat Margo Matt Paz Speakeasy SullivansJohn Winsbury was that necessary, William?

p.920 Matt MoonGirl Speakeasy WhiteRabbit but I can’t stop thinking about her. Oh, and I think she took my mp3 player.

p.919 Matt MoonGirl MoonPrint Speakeasy she was really really obsessed with the moon

p.918 Matt MoonGirl Speakeasy WhiteRabbit so I was walking back from my extended trig class and there was a rabbit.

p.917 Janet Kat Margo Matt Paz Speakeasy Winsbury Hey Matt. Why don’t you tell us about that girl you’re always on about?

p.916 Annie Blush Bud Jack Janet Kat Margo Matt Paz Speakeasy Winsbury Give to me your hand!

p.915 Annie BlinkerStone Etherics Jack Speakeasy can I try it?

p.914 Annie BlinkerStone Bud Etherics Jack Kat Speakeasy he’s actually a very powerful psychic

p.913 Annie Jack Janet Margo Matt Paz Speakeasy SullivansJohn Winsbury so romantic! Don’t you think so, matt?

p.912 Ghosts Mandolin Margo Speakeasy SullivansJohn so we went back and we finished it

p.911 Ghosts Margo Speakeasy SullivansJohn even when we left the mandolin behind, they wouldn’t leave us alone

p.910 Mandolin Margo Speakeasy SullivansJohn it sounded great when I played it, but as soon as Margo started singing…

p.909 Annie Bud Jack Janet Kat Mandolin Margo Matt Paz Speakeasy SullivansJohn Winsbury hey Margo, look what I brought! Oh nooo! That’s not the haunted one, is it?

p.908 Annie Buzzer Jack Speakeasy we haven’t really talked since before the summer

p.907 Annie Bud Jack Kat Speakeasy what the wife doesn’t know can’t hurt her, right?

p.906 Annie Bud Jack Janet Kat Margo Matt Paz Speakeasy SullivansJohn Winsbury so… no trouble?

p.905 Annie Dorm Janet Kat Landscape Lindsey Moon MoonPrint Paz Robots Speakeasy girls sneaking out

p.904 Annie Buzzer Dorm Janet Kat Margo Paz Rey Robots thanks for your help, robots!

p.903 Annie Janet Kat KatsWorkshop Margo Paz Robots so… we’ll be out all night?

p.902 Annie Buzzer Janet Kat Margo Paz Robots Robotics if we keep quiet, she will think the robots are leaving, not us.

p.901 Annie Buzzer Jack Janet Kat Margo Paz Robots well, we found out the court can track all our movements.

p.900 Cover Buzzer Icon: Students entering the Speakeasy

Chapter 34: Faraway Morning (and three short tales)

p.899 Bonus Boxbot Robots Robox Terrible Bonus Page:Helping Hand

p.898 Angel Robot Robots RobotTomb Shadow DiegoBot Let it be known in this tomb of ancients, the angel called forth the spirit of the dead

p.897 Annie Kat Heart Robots SeedBismuth RobotTomb DiegoBot CRACK (broken heart)

p.896 Annie Kat Robot Robots RobotTomb DiegoBot We belong here. A tribute to our father, and to a time passed

p.895 Annie Kat Robot Robots RobotTomb DiegoBot so I… I brought you back f-from the dead?

p.894 Kat Robots RobotTomb DiegoBot We left this world to our children and chose to end our lives

p.893 Annie Kat Robots RobotTomb DiegoBot to be still is death, because if we are not useful then we are nothing

p.892 Annie Kat Robot Robots RobotTomb DiegoBot but then… this is your tomb

p.891 Annie Kat Robot Robots Shadow DiegoBot I apologise miss, I was startled

p.890 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Robot Robots DiegoBot s-stop him!

p.889 Annie BlinkerStone Kat KatsWorkshop Robot Robots DiegoBot SKANG!

p.888 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Robot Robots DiegoBot I think I can make a bypass for it…

p.887 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Robot Robots Robotics I know how to get the old robots started up again

p.886 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Robots Robotics you… can read it?

p.885 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Robot Robots Robotics Oh my god! This is incredible!

p.884 Annie BlinkerStone Kat KatsWorkshop Robots Robotics about that operating code you asked us to print…

p.883 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Robots DiegoBot but… this would mean Diego was a… magician, not a scientist

p.882 Annie Etherics Kat KatsWorkshop Robots Robotics DiegoBot What if these are not really robots in the modern sense, but golems?

p.881 Annie Kat Robots KatsWorkshop DiegoBot how come you guys picked a creepy looking robot

p.880 Annie DiegoStudy Heart Kat Robotics the bad news is that all his work is written in gibberish

p.879 Annie Diego DiegoStudy Kat Robots He somehow made machines that could move despite not having internal mechanisms like modern robots

p.878 Robot Roof Shadow Creeper should you really be following her around like this?

p.877 Annie Kat Robot Roof SeedBismuth I wonder how the court was built

p.876 Annie Kat Robotics Roof I guess clearing my mind was harder than I thought

p.875 Annie Etherics Kat Roof Clear your mind and listen

p.874 Annie Kat Roof I brought you up here because I wanted to show you something

p.873 Annie Kat Roof Ysengrin didn’t he try to kill you at one point?

p.872 Annie Anwyn Kamlen Khepi Roof if you like green skin and pointy ears

p.871 Annie Kat Roof Landscape So… you’re descended from a fire spirit?

p.870 Cover GolemHeart RobotDesigns Icon: RobotDesigns

Chapter 33: Give and Take

p.869 Annie Filler Kat PrincessMononoke Rey Moro

p.868 Annie Filler Kat PrincessMononoke Rey Bah! It’s some manner of animated picture?

p.867 Bonus Bud Dorm Habitat Lindsey Bonus Page: Welcome to Year 9!

p.866 Annie Boots Dorm Etherics Kat Rey It is with love that I must inform you that you really gotta take a shower

p.865 Annie Dorm Kat Rey PrincessMononoke I just want to go back to being friends

p.864 Annie Dorm Kat Lindsey traumatized Kat
Tom: Next: A rhino beetle that enjoys Sudoku.

p.863 Annie Dorm Kat Lindsey Rey Girls, this is Lindsey

p.862 Annie Dorm Kat Lindsey Rey BlinkerStone Okay that is quite enough thank you

p.861 Annie Dorm Kat Lindsey Ahhh! I touched it! With my hand!

p.860 Annie Dorm Kat Lindsey What is this thing? It’s seriously creeping me out, haha

p.859 Kat Dorm Lindsey Haha! Okay Annie. Now I’m impressed

p.858 Annie Dorm Kat Enough already!
Tom: Not even sure how she’s doing that in panel 2.

p.857 Annie Basil Kat Red Hey, fats mcgee! Be friends with lady tubsalot again!

p.856 Annie Kat Mort Shadow I’m supposed to tell you she’s been kidnapped by evil dino-demons

p.855 Annie Kat Robot All right guys, have fun

p.854 Annie BlinkerStone Kat Robot Kat! Robot has gone mad!

p.853 Kat Robot Must. Cause. Inconvenience.

p.852 Annie Dorm Kat Sometimes… you kinda make it hard to be your friend

p.851 Annie Dorm Kat I’m so sorry about the summer holiday

p.850 Annie Boots Dorm Kat Rey Kat, I made these for you!

p.849 Annie Dorm Rey I have no idea what this thing does

p.848 Annie Dorm Rey I wish I hadn’t been so cruel to you Reynard

p.847 Annie Anwyn Bind CoyoteTooth Dorm Homework Khepi Rey I’m so sorry for what I said

p.846 Annie Rey Gillitie Dorm Oh! You smell like the forest!

p.845 Dorm Rey Waiting Reynardine

p.844 Cover Flower Icon: SubDorm

Year 9
Chapter 32: From the Forest She Came

p.789 Cover FireSpike Icon: FireSpike

Chapter 31: Fire Spike

p.788 Bonus Jones PartyHat Bonus Page:New Skill

p.787 Annie Kat Kiss Parley Smitty (Kat drags Annie off while Parley and Smitty have their first kiss)

p.786 Annie Kat Parley Smitty I-I think we're going to stay out here a while.

p.785 Annie Bip Kat Parley Smitty Steadman That's incredible, Parley...

p.784 Annie Bip Kat Parley Smitty haha, I think I get it now.

p.783 Blush Parley Smitty She thought I was a coward

p.782 Annie Court Jeanne Kat Parley SirYoung Smitty Don't tell anyone about her. Not until I can see her again.

p.781 Annie Jeanne Kat Parley Smitty Tears I-I felt everything she did... She loved him so much...

p.780 Annie BlinkerStone Etherics Kat Parley Smitty Tears Oh god! What was that?! What the hell was that?!

p.779 Annan Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Etherics Jeanne Parley Sword Tears That's it!

p.778 Annan Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Etherics Jeanne Parley Sword Tears Knock the stone from her hand!

p.777 Annan Annie AnnieCut Etherics Heart Jeanne Parley Sword Tears My heart was run through and left to die on the riverbed

p.776 Annan Archery Etherics Flashback Jeanne JeannesLover Steadman (Jeanne's lover is peirced by Steadman's arrow)

p.775 Annan Court Etherics Flashback Gillitie Jeanne JeannesLover Sword (Jeanne is lowered to the banks of the Annan waters, and sees her lover swimming towards her)

p.774 Archery Birds Court Etherics Flashback Gillitie Flashback Jeanne Letter Steadman (Jeanne receives a note, writes a letter and gets Steadman to fire it into the forest on an arrow)

p.773 Court Coyote Etherics Flashback Gillitie Jeanne JeannesLover Moon Renard Sun Sword Ysengrin (Jeanne and her lover seperated, (by coyote??) into the court and the forest sides.

p.772 Birds Court Coyote Etherics Flashback Gillitie Jeanne Kiss Parley SirYoung Steadman Ysengrin (Jeanne and her lover embracing, surrounded by dissaproving looking figures from both the court and the forest)

p.771 Court Diego Etherics Flashback Gillitie Jeanne JeannesLover Kiss (Jeanne and her lover embracing, watched by Diego)

p.770 Etherics Flashback Gillitie Jeanne JeannesLover Kiss Sword (Jeanne finishing fencing practice, before going to the forest and embracing her lover)

p.769 Annan Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Etherics Jeanne Parley Sword Wh-what's going on?!

p.768 Annie Etherics Kat Parley Smitty You getting the hang of it?

p.767 Annan Annie Bip BlinkerStone Etherics Kat Parley Smitty Oof! Aw damn it!

p.766 Annan Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Etherics Jeanne Sword I-I can't get back!

p.765 Annan Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Bones Etherics Jeanne Sword It landed right where we need it!

p.764 Annan Annie Birds BlinkerStone Kat Smitty I think I know who could make the shot

p.763 Annan Annie BlinkerStone Bridge Kat No, it landed in the river again

p.762 Annan BlinkerStone (The blinkerstone bounces over the ground next to the court, before falling into the Annan)

p.761 Cover Jeanne Icon: Jeanne and Annie in the Etherium

Chapter 30: The Coward Heart

p.760 Bonus Birds Bobby CityFace Bonus Page: Pigeon facts

p.759 Kat KatsWorkshop Robot RobotDesigns RobotParts Robots I had an amazing idea.

p.758 Annie CityFace Kat KatsWorkshop Robot RobotParts Robots What kind of name is City Face?

p.757 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Robot RobotParts Robots Not a test, just me being a butt.

p.756 Angel AnimalLab Birds Bobby CityFace Kat Paz You are welcome, Angel.

p.755 AnimalLab Birds Bobby CityFace CreatorGlyph Kat Paz Robot RobotDesigns RobotParts Robots (Kat gets insperation from a bird's wing!)

p.754 AnimalLab Birds Bobby CityFace Kat Paz Robots I ask to help, to change things and make them better.

p.753 AnimalLab Bobby Court Kat Mice Paz Robots Self-regulated?! That just means they can do what they want!

p.752 AnimalLab Birds Bobby CityFace Kat Mice Paz Robots Are these, like, pets or something?

p.751 AnimalLab Birds Bobby CityFace Kat Paz Robots The bird appears to be unharmed, Paz

p.750 AnimalLab Birds Bobby CityFace Kat Paz Robots Ooh! A baby pigeon!

p.749 Birds CityFace Kat Train How can you be so tiny and fragine?

p.748 Birds CityFace Kat KatsWorkshop Paz RobotParts Robots I better get you to Paz.

p.747 Birds CityFace Kat KatsWorkshop RobotParts Robots Where'd the parents go?

p.746 Birds CityFace Kat KatsWorkshop Robots I-it's a... baby bird! Uhh I think...

p.745 Kat KatsWorkshop Robot RobotDesigns RobotParts Robots Who asked you guys for help?

p.744 Kat KatsWorkshop Robot RobotParts Robots Okay, how's that?

p.743 Cover Kat Icon: Robots

Chapter 29: A Bad Start

p.742 Bonus Employees Juliette PowerStation Robots Bonus page: Professionals

p.741 Annie Gamma Jack Jones Lake Rey Zimmy She can hardly be blamed for what she is

p.740 Annie Gamma Jack Jones Lake PowerStation Rain Rey Zimmy Did you make it rain?

p.739 Annie Etherium Eyes Gamma Jack Lake WhiteSpider Zimmy Also: not my boyfriend

p.738 Annie Eyes Gamma Jack Lake Zimmy Tell him... I'm sorry. For not helpin' him sooner.

p.737 Eyes Jack Lake PowerStation Rain WhiteSpider Zimmy Splat

p.736 Annie Buzz Eyes Gamma Jack Lake Rain PowerStation Rain WhiteSpider Zimmy (Rain washes Zimmingham away, revealing Zimmy and Annie...)

p.735 Annie Buzz Eyes Gamma Jack Rain Spiders WhiteSpider Zimmingham Zimmy She's mine! She's my friend!

p.734 Annie Buzz Gamma Jack Spiders WhiteSpider Zimmingham Zimmy You're the last one we need!

p.733 Annie Buzz Gamma Jack Spiders WhiteSpider Zimmingham Zimmy I don't want to go in there! It's the spider's nest!

p.732 Annie Buzz Gamma Jack Spiders WhiteSpider Zimmingham Zimmy Oh no... We're all inside one of Zimmy's illusions!

p.731 Annie Buzz Gamma Jack Spiders WhiteSpider Zimmingham Zimmy Why go back now?

p.730 Annie Buzz Gamma Jack Zimmingham Zimmy He's not a real person. Just a memory of someone.

p.729 Annie Buzz Gamma Zimmingham Zimmy I do it because I love you Zimmy

p.728 Annie Gamma Jack Zimmingham Zimmy No, Gamma, it's me, A-Annie

p.727 Annie Gamma Zimmingham Zimmy Gamma! We have to find Zimmy!

p.726 Annie Jones Rey Robots Roof I am not a robot.

p.725 Annie Boat Jones Lake PowerStation Rey She's always been a little touchy about her weight.

p.724 Annie Boat Etherium Jones Lake PowerStation Rey Zimmy Is Simmy... human?

p.723 Annie Boat Etherium Gamma Jones Lake PowerStation Rey Zimmy Zimmingham Zimmy... the station... I don't understand

p.722 Annie Boat Etherium Jones Juliette Lake PowerStation Rey Zimmy Juliette, allow the station to enter the collection stage

p.721 Aata Annie Employees Jones Juliette PowerStation Rey Robots Shell SpringHeels I think... uh... I think he can fly.

p.720 Aata Annie Employees Jones PowerStation Rey Robots Shell Your assistance in locating Jack has been invaluable.

p.719 Annie AntimonySymbol Bind Employees EyeCrossed MercurySymbol Jones PowerStation Rey Robots Shell Please! can't you just call...

p.718 Annie Bind Employees Rey Robots Shell Please! You have to help my friend!

p.717 Cover PowerStation Icon: The head and upper body of?

Chapter 28: Spring Heeled Part 2

p.716 Bonus Dorm Kat Bonus Page:Meanwhile... (Who you kiddin', Kat?)

p.715 Aata Annie AntimonySymbol Bind Employees EyeCrossed Jack MercurySymbol PowerStation Rey Robots SecurityDevice Shell SpringHeels What's going on here!

p.714 Annie Bind EyeCrossed Jack PowerStation Rey SecurityDevice SpringHeels I don't care! He's my friend!

p.713 Annie AntimonySymbol Bind Computer EyeCrossed Jack MercurySymbol PowerStation Rey SecurityDevice I'm doing you a favour! Forget about him!

p.712 Annie AntimonySymbol Bind Etherics EyeCrossed Jack MercurySymbol PowerStation Rey SecurityDevice Almost forgot!

p.711 Annie Computer Etherium Jack PowerStation Rey WhiteSpider Zimmy I just need to see her again...

p.710 Annie Boat Computer Employees Etherium Jack PowerStation Rey Zimmy This has GOT to get her attention!

p.709 Annie Boat Computer Etherium Jack Lake PowerStation Rey VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

p.708 Annie Computer Etherium Jack PowerStation Rey I already knew what this place was.

p.707 Annie Computer Etherium Jack PowerStation Rey This place is called... an ether station?

p.706 Annie Etherics Jack PowerStation Rey Wait, before you smash anything else.

p.705 Annie Jack PowerStation Rey SecurityDevice Anyone comes this way, I'll know about it

p.704 Annie Jack PowerStation Rey Robots SecurityRobots Oh, what did you do?! He's dead!

p.703 Annie Boat Jack Lake Moon PowerStation Rey Robots SecurityRobots (Annie, Jack and Rey arrive at the Power Station and come across a patrolling security robot)

p.702 Annie AnnieCut Boat Etherics Lake Jack PowerStation Rey Spiders WhiteSpider Jeez, rowing is harder than I thought

p.701 Annie Boat Court Jack Lake PowerStation Rey I know how to stay hidden!

p.700 Annie Boat Computer Court Jack Lake Paz PowerStation Rey They got basic stuff on the school network, information on all the students.

p.699 Annie Boat Computer Court Jack Lake PowerStation Rey Zimmy I read it on the computer

p.698 Annie Boat Jack Lake PowerStation Rey Zimmy I gotta find out what happened that night...

p.697 Annie Boat Jack Lake PowerStation Rey You gotta go by boat!

p.696 Annie Jack Lake PowerStation Rey Tonight, we're going to the power station

p.695 Annie Court Jeanne Kat Rey Katerina is a sensitive girl

p.694 Annie Dorm Jack Kat Letter Moon Rey Yes, very subtle, my friends.

p.693 Annie Dorm Jack Kat Letter Rey I think he needs help

p.692 Annie Employees Jack Kat Letter Shell Students I'll... read it later.

p.691 Annie Employees Jack Kat Letter Students Here! He's here!

p.690 Annie Jack Kat Students Ah, there you are

p.689 Cover WhiteSpider Icon: Annie, Jack and Rey's silhouettes as they walk into the PowerStation

Chapter 27: Spring Heeled

p.688 Bonus Annie AntimonySymbol Rey Bonus Page:Fox Call

p.687 Annie Bridge Coyote Eglamore Gillitie JollyElfsberry Sword So when do you start teaching students how to use a sword?

p.686 Annie Coyote CoyoteTooth Gillitie The keenest blade you will ever find!

p.685 Annie Coyote CoyoteTooth Fish Etherics Gillitie Ysengrin You saw three Ysengrins tonight

p.684 Annie Coyote Gillitie Ysengrin I will take her the rest of the way

p.683 Annie Coyote Fish Gillitie Ysengrin Never apologise for what is not your fault

p.682 Annie Coyote Gillitie Ysengrin No no, Ysengrin will carry you back

p.681 Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Coyote Etherics Eyes Flowers Stars Gillitie But that is all for tonight, you are tired.

p.680 Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Coyote Etherics Eyes Flowers Gillitie Stars Pick this flower

p.679 Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Coyote Etherics Eyes Gillitie Stars Did something happen to cause that cut on your cheek?

p.678 Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Coyote Etherics Eyes Gillitie Stars Rey I just… needed to get away from the court for a little while

p.677 Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Coyote Etherics Eyes Gillitie Stars Ysengrin Coyote… you’re magnificent… and terrifying.

p.676 Annie BlinkerStone Coyote Etherics Gillitie Rey Ysengrin Focus on yourself and expand slowly…

p.675 Annie Coyote Flowers Gillitie Rey Ysengrin It is Renard’s body!

p.674 Annie BismuthSymbol CourtSymbol Coyote Fish Gillitie Etherics Ysengrin I’m very upset with you coyote

p.673 Annie CourtSymbol Coyote Gillitie TreeBody Ysengrin Well now look who it is!

p.672 Annie Fish Gillitie TreeBody Ysengrin If you were anyone else…

p.671 Annie Fish Gillitie TreeBody Ysengrin You!

p.670 Annie Coyote Fish Gillitie TreeBody Ysengrin Stand your ground

p.669 Fish Gillitie TreeBody Ysengrin A private moment (Ysengrin the wolf steps out of his wooden body to eat a fish)

p.668 Fish Gillitie TreeBody Ysengrin Snack time (Ysengrin uses his wooden body to spear a fish

p.667 Annie Coyote Gillitie JollyElfsberry Ysengrin Where is Ysengrin?

p.666 Annie Coyote Eglamore Eyes Gillitie JollyElfsberry Sword Uniform See you later, Mr Eglamore!

p.665 Annie Eglamore Gillitie JollyElfsberry Sword Uniform I am Jolly Elfsberry, and Coyote sent me to greet you!

p.664 Annie CourtSymbol Eglamore Gillitie JollyElfsberry Uniform Symbol’s a little wonky Carver.

p.663 Cover Coyote Stars Icon: Coyote

Chapter 26: The Old Dog’s Tricks

p.662 Filler Gamma Zimmy Another year…

p.661 Bonus Flowers Robots Students Bonus pageRobot Handling. Section H: miscellaneous. Robots may sometimes become attracted to you

p.660 Angel Diego Robot Robots Roof SkyWatcher The number of angels I have seen is One.

p.659 Angel Crying Diego LaserCow Robot RobotHQ Robots SkyWatcher “Love makes you act in strange ways”

p.658 Angel BlackPen Crying DiegoBot DiegoStudy Jeanne Robot RobotKing Robots SkyWatcher Please, dearest angel, help us understand…

p.657 Diego DiegoBot Flashback Heart Jeanne Monster Robots SirYoung …and I did nothing

p.656 Annan Archery Diego DiegoBot Flashback Gillitie Jeanne Moon SirYoung Steadman We will bury what was done here this night

p.655 Diego DiegoBot Flashback Jeanne It didn’t have to be this way…

p.654 Annan Archery Court Diego DiegoBot Flashback Jeanne SirYoung It must be Jeanne

p.653 Archery Court Diego DiegoBot Flashback SirYoung Steadman The device is ready, Sir Young

p.652 Diego DiegoBot Fight Flashback Jeanne Robots Traitor So she still loves that traitor does she?

p.651 Diego DiegoBot Fight Flashback Gillitie Jeanne Robots Sword Traitor Get out you horrible little man!

p.650 Annan Court Diego DiegoBot Flashback Gillitie Jeanne Robots Sword Who needs the trees and animals of the forest?

p.649 Diego DiegoBot Flashback Jeanne Robots Sword Another little toy Diego?

p.648 Annie Diego DiegoBot DiegoStudy Flashback Kat RobotKing RobotParts Robots Please awaken and show us your story once more.

p.647 Annie BismuthSymbol DiegoBot DiegoStudy Kat RobotHQ RobotKing Robots What IS all this?

p.646 AdminBot Angel Annie AntimonySymbol Kat RobotHQ RobotKing Robots SunSymbol TicToc It was created by a divine being and sent to watch over us all

p.645 Angel Annie Kat Music RobotKing Robots RobotTomb Sweet angel, Kat, we beg for your help!

p.644 Annie BlackPen Crying GroundSymbol Jeanne Kat RobotKing Robots RobotTomb Stars Sword The saddest face!

p.643 Angel Annie BlackPen Kat KatsWorkshop Music RobotKing Robots RobotTomb I demand to see it!

p.642 Annie BismuthSymbol Kat KatsWorkshop Music RobotKing Robots SkyWatcher SunSymbol What’s this now?

p.641 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Parley Smitty I thought love was supposed to be a good thing

p.640 Annie GroundSymbol Kat KatsWorkshop Robot Robots RobotTomb SkyWatcher What would make two people deny their love?

p.639 Eyes Jeanne Robots RobotTomb SkyWatcher Sword (Sky Watcher enters and sees Jeanne’s painting)

p.638 DiegoBot GroundSymbol Robot Robots RobotTomb SkyWatcher You must do this part on your own

p.637 Angel Kat KatsWorkshop Robot Robots SkyWatcher I told you she was an angel

p.636 Kat KatsWorkshop Robot Robots Shadow SkyWatcher Hmm, let me guess what your primary function is…

p.635 Angel Jeanne Kat KatsWorkshop Robot Robots Roof Shadow SkyWatcher Who else would be chosen to guard Jeanne’s tomb?

p.634 Angel Robot Robots Roof Shadow SkyWatcher Robot, should you really be calling Kat an angel?

p.633 Angel Jeanne Robot Robots Roof SkyWatcher Skywatcher, do you see anything interesting?

p.632 Cover Pliers Icon: Robot

Chapter 25: Sky Watcher And The Angel

p.631 Bonus Annie Dorm Rey Bonus Page:Absence and Hearts. (Reynardine… I… actually missed you)

p.630 Annie Bob Eglamore LaserCow Lasers Marcia Students YoungsPark Never let 60 angry kids use a herd of laser cows to take over your house

p.629 Annie Bob Eglamore Jack LaserCow Lasers Marcia Students Winsbury YoungsPark And thank you… Laser Cows

p.628 Annie Bob Dryad Eglamore Kat Marcia Monument Trees YoungsPark They covered up the tree in our house!

p.627 Annie BlinkerStone Bob Dryad Eglamore Etherics Fire Marcia YoungsPark You’re a dryad, aren’t you?

p.626 Annie BlinkerStone Bob Eglamore Etherics Fire Marcia Monument SirYoung Trees YoungsPark My trees!

p.625 Annie Fire Marcia Matt Monument SirYoung Trees YoungsPark Bob! James! There’s a problem!

p.624 Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Etherics Janet Kat Paz Students Tree YoungsPark Kat, this is what you need to do

p.623 BlinkerStone Dryad Ghosts Kat Monster Tree YoungsPark I hope nothing happens to me now that I’m here all alone!

p.622 Annie BlinkerStone Eglamore Ghosts Kat Matt Paz Students Tents YoungsPark Six people missing overnight?

p.621 Annie BlinkerStone Fire Ghosts Kat Margo Matt Paz Students SullivansJohn Tents Winsbury YoungsPark (Paz goes to grab some chocolate from her tent, but gets grabbed by the ghost?)

p.620 Annie BlinkerStone Etherics Fire Kat Students SullivansJohn Tents YoungsPark I think I make people nervous

p.619 Annie BlinkerStone Etherics Fire Kat SullivansJohn Tents YoungsPark You shouldn’t be lonely because of me, Kat

p.618 Annie BlinkerStone Jack Kat LaserCow Robots YoungsPark And you think I’m the creep

p.617 Annie Jack Kat LaserCow Robots YoungsPark Get away from there, you creep!

p.616 Ghosts Janet Kat Students Winsbury YoungsPark Janet should have been back by now

p.615 Archery Bob Ghosts Janet Kat Students Trees YoungsPark Who did this to my tree?!

p.614 Archery Bob Janet Marcia Students Trees Winsbury YoungsPark Jimmy! Emergency!

p.613 Annie Archery BlinkerStone Eglamore Janet Kat Students Tents Trees Winsbury YoungsPark Kat, I don’t want you going near Jack

p.612 Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Etherics Jack WhiteSpider YoungsPark Huh? Who’s there? BLINK

p.611 Annie BlinkerStone Eglamore Jack Students Tents Trees YoungsPark My blinkerstone is not where I left it last night

p.610 Annie BlinkerStone Fire LaserCow Janet Kat Paz Students Tents Trees Winsbury YoungsPark No heat source detected

p.609 Argument Fire Janet Kat LaserCow Lasers Margo Matt Paz Students Tents Trees Winsbury YoungsPark Go away you big, dumb cow!

p.608 Annie Eglamore Janet Kat LaserCow Robots Stars Students Winsbury YoungsPark Get your hands off me

p.607 Annie Bob CourtSymbol Eglamore ForestSymbol Habitat Kat Marcia Shadowmen TreeDog Trees WoodenArm YoungsPark Take a look at that tree Carver, seem familier?

p.606 Annie Bob CherryTree Eglamore Gillitie Habitat Kat LaserCow Robots Trees YoungsPark Oh we met once before

p.605 Annie BismuthSymbol Bob Eglamore Kat Monument Nevihta RogatOrjak SirYoung Trees YoungsPark It’s a monument to that guy you learned about

p.604 Annie Gillitie Jack Kat LaserCow Robots YoungsPark This place is kinda boring

p.603 Annie Eglamore Jack Kat LaserCow Robots Students Tents Trees YoungsPark Pick your tents and drop your stuff off

p.602 Bob LaserCow Lasers Marcia Paz Robots YoungsPark Auditory response: Moo

p.601 Axe Eglamore LaserCow Paz Robots Students Teacher Tents YoungsPark Cows!

p.600 Annie Bob Eglamore Kat Marcia Students Teacher YoungsPark Maybe this won’t be so bad after all!

p.599 BismuthSymbol Bob Marcia Paz Students Teacher Train TrainStation Trees YoungsPark Walking is Nature’s quadbikes!

p.598 Annie BlinkerStone Court Kat Rey Students Train I still can’t believe the park we’re camping in is IN the court

p.597 Annie BlinkerStone Etherics Rey Train Go have fun with your friends, child

p.596 Cover YoungsPark Icon: LaserCow

Chapter 24: Residential

p.595 Bonus DrDisaster Jones Simulation VincentPrice Bonus Page: Doctor Disaster and the Chamber of Doom skull

p.594 Annie Flowers Jack Monster Rey Oh… you have a, uh, large wolf with you.

p.593 Annie Jack Monster Rey Zimmy Where is she, Right now?

p.592 Annie Chester Jack Zimmy Yeah… Zimmy. What class is she in?

p.591 Annie Jack Rey Students Hello Jack

p.590 Annie Jones Surma Rey Robots Is Ms Jones a robot?

p.589 Annie BismuthSymbol Mort Rey Poor Mort… I still feel terrible about it.

p.588 Annie Flowers Jeanne Jones Rey What made you ask about a woman named Jeanne before?

p.587 Annie Flowers Jones Smitty Rey Don’t you think that was a little cruel?

p.586 Annie Dorm Flowers Jones Parley Smitty Rey GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!

p.585 Annie Dorm Flowers Jones Parley Smitty Sword Rey Interesting. It may be that Parley possesses the power to distort space. A rare power.

p.584 Annie Flowers Jones Parley Smitty Steadman Rey Ha! A flower? Y-you sap…

p.583 Annie Court Diego DiegoBot Flowers Gillitie Jeanne Jones Robots Rey SirYoung Was there a woman among the humans by the name of Jeanne?

p.582 Annie Court Flowers Gillitie Jones Parley Smitty Rey Coyote Ysengrin and I didn’t arrive until… Later

p.581 Annie Court Diego Flowers Gillitie Jones Parley SeedBismuth Simulation SirYoung Smitty Rey It is known as the seed Bismuth. There is no record of exactly what it was

p.580 Annie Court Diego Gillitie Jones Parley SeedBismuth Simulation SirYoung Smitty Rey This is a depiction of the beginnings of the court, before the division caused by Coyote

p.579 Annie Etherics Jones Parley Simulation Smitty Rey Ok, please begin, Randy

p.578 Annie Flowers Jones Parley Simulation Smitty Rey It’s obvious Carver is gonna be picked as the next medium

p.577 Annie Parley Smitty Rey I wager when she leaves the changing room her hands will soon find your body!

p.576 Annie Smitty Rey Andrew, why do you let Parley talk to you like she does?

p.575 Annie Flowers Jones Parley Smitty Rey I think you detect a hint of shut your face

p.574 Annie DrDisaster Flowers Jones Parley Smitty Rey I don’t know what happened! A glitch in the simulator

p.573 Annie Jones Parley Smitty Rey Smitface ruined the sim!

p.572 Annie Moon Parley Simulation Smitty After all these years! our ancient artefact returned to us!

p.571 Annie Moon Parley Simulation Smitty They receive a strange request from the king of the Jupiter moon Martians himself!

p.570 Cover Annie Bones Castle Moon Parley Sky Smitty Stars Icon: The castle in the simulation

Chapter 23: Terror castle of the Jupiter moon Martians! A spacemonauts adventure!

p.569 Filler CityFace Fairies Bye, pigeon face! I knew you could do it!

p.568 Filler CityFace Fairies Is she looking?? Oh my gosh I think she is!

p.567 Filler CityFace Fairies It’s because of Humans!

p.566 Filler CityFace Fairies I am here to help you learn the loveliest of dances!

p.565 Filler CityFace Gamma Zimmy It wer a joke, mate!

p.564 Filler CityFace Zimmy I got the answer to all yerz troubles, fella. Right here.. in my mouf!

p.563 Filler CityFace Fairies I gotta go give the gift of dance to an individual in need!

p.562 Filler CityFace Fairies I will always rule the fairy dancing circle!

p.561 Filler CityFace And now I am feeling ultra bummed.

p.560 Filler CityFace I am trying my best to woo that female pigeon but she does not notice me!

p.559 Filler Tea


p.558 Bonus Treatise Annie Bridge Court Coyote Etherics Fire Gillitie Kat Latin MercurySymbol Moon Rey Shadowman Sun Sword Ysengrin Bonus Page: Treatise Three. The end of the Second book

p.557 Anja TreeDog Donny Eglamore Flashback Monster MrThorn RogatOrjak Surma You guys aren’t going to believe this… But that guy is our games teacher!

p.556 TreeDog Eglamore Flashback Gillitie Monster MrThorn Robots RogatOrjak Sword Don’t forget, double cross country tomorrow James

p.555 TreeDog Eglamore Flashback Fight LeadSymbol Monster MrThorn Shadowmen Sword (Eglamore): Hi guys!

p.554 Anja TreeDog Donny Flashback Fight LeadSymbol Monster MrThorn Roof Surma Sword Uh can you guys save it for later?

p.553 Anja TreeDog Donny Etherics EthericShield Fight Flashback Monster Roof Shadowmen Surma (Second forest TreeDog leaps at young Anja, Donny and Surma. Anja protects them via etheric SPANG barrier)

p.552 Anja TreeDog Donny Flashback Monster Roof Robots Surma Is... Not a real creature. More like… puppet… being called back to forest

p.551 Anja TreeDog Donny Flashback Monster Roof Robots Surma Some kinda dog! A dog made of wood…

p.550 Anja Donny Flashback Robots StopBot Surma Yes, We shall leave now! Thank you! Good job!

p.549 Anja TreeDog Donny Flashback Monster Robots StopBot Students Surma c’mon, we have to get a better look at this!

p.548 Anja TreeDog Donny Flashback Monster Robots Surma (Large forest dog crashes through a window in front of young Anja, Donny and Surma)

p.547 Anja BismuthSymbol Donny Flashback Monster Robots StopBot Students Surma The situation does not involve a large monster or two

p.546 Eglamore Flashback LeadSymbol MrThorn RogatOrjak Teacher Have you ever heard of the Rogat Orjak?

p.545 Eglamore Flashback Hyland MrThorn Teacher Standing up for a friend. A noble act, cannot be dismissed

p.544 Anja Blush Court Donny Flashback Surma Looks like it’s just the three of us for lunch then!

p.543 Anja Chester Court Donny Etherics Flashback Queslett Surma The court made a mistake when they put us in Chester, they said so

p.542 Anja Donny Flashback Surma You shoulda zapped him Anja!

p.541 Anja Donny Eglamore Fight Flashback Hyland MrThorn Students Surma Teacher Eglamore, my office. Now.

p.540 Anja Chester Donny Eglamore Etherics Fight Flashback Hyland Students Surma Valknut You an’ your friends are freaks, how’s that you cu- WHUD

p.539 Anja Brinnie Etherics Flashback Students Surma Valknut ZAM Won’t you stay a little longer Brinnie?

p.538 Donny Eglamore Flashback Jones Tony “I have matters to attend to” Jeez, who talks like that?

p.537 Anja Brinnie Donny Eglamore Flashback Students Surma Tony You mean a picture of Donny!

p.536 Anja Brinnie Donny Eglamore Flashback Students Surma Teacher Tony Any other groups want their picture takin’?

p.535 Cover Anja Brinnie Donny Eglamore Photo Surma Tony Icon: Eglamore's Court Protector Armour

Chapter 22: Ties

p.534 Bonus Dorm NancyDrew Rey Bonus Page: Reynardine the Sheep (Rey gets angry before settling down with a Nancy Drew book)

p.533 Annie Ghosts Heart Mort ooh, a card!


p.531 Annie Classroom Kat Muut now I ask a tiny favour of you

p.530 Annie Classroom Kat Muut Psychopomp Surma The night Surma passed on, none of us came for her.

p.529 Annie BlinkerStone Classroom Etherics Jeanne Kat Muut Lost, stranded in the aether, she needs a hand like yours to be an anchor

p.528 Annie BlinkerStone Classroom Jeanne Kat Mort Muut Then you have already begun to help. We knew you would. It was only a matter of time.

p.527 Annie Classroom Kat Muut Psychopomp You should not have wasted a life in such a way

p.526 Annie Classroom Kat Psychopomp Now I know there is some creepy insect guy that appears when he dies makes it hard to- oh.

p.525 Annie Argument BlinkerStone Classroom Kat Latin Mort Tom: You screwed up big time Carver.

p.524 Annie Argument BlinkerStone Bridge Kat Mort Muut Yeah how would I know? I’m just a ghost. BWIP

p.523 Annie Argument BlinkerStone Kat Mort He’s not a boy Kat, he’s just a ghost

p.522 Anja Argument Annie BlinkerStone Kat Mort I suppose you think this is funny?

p.521 Anja Annie BlinkerStone Etherics Mort Kat Blinker stones are traditionally given between couples

p.520 Anja Annie Court Etherics Kat Rey Some say that isn’t good enough if you can’t explain how it works.

p.519 Anja Annie BlinkerStone Court Donny Eglamore Etherics EyeCrossed Kat I tattooed them both myself. Good times, good times.

p.518 Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Etherics Rey Anja forgot to mention that spying with a blinker stone is not recommended

p.517 Anja Annie BlinkerStone Court Donny Etherics EthericShield Kat Rey Tom: Annie’s just going to pop out for a second while those two nerdlingers nerd it up big time. Nerds.

p.516 Anja Annie BismuthSymbol Court EthericShield EyeCrossed Kat Rey How can a glowing… floaty… symbol be a program?

p.515 Anja Annie BlinkerStone Court Etherics Kat Others may call these methods Magic, The court, prefers to refer to them as “Etheric Sciences”

p.514 Anja Annie BlinkerStone Etherics EthericShield EyeCrossed Kat KatsWorkshop Rey Oh… hmm… Why Don’t we go talk in the office.

p.513 Anja Annie BlinkerStone Etherics Kat KatsWorkshop Anja, Are you a magician of some sort?

p.512 Anja Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Etherics Gillitie KatsWorkshop Roof I can see into the horizon, there are so many colours coming from the forest.

p.511 Anja Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Etherics EyeCrossed Kat KatsWorkshop Rey I hid your stone outside

p.510 Anja Annie AnnieCut BlinkerStone Etherics Kat KatsWorkshop It’s gotta be some kind of matter transference!

p.509 Anja Annie BlinkerStone Kat KatsWorkshop Did you know you can never lose a blinker stone?

p.508 Anja Annie BlinkerStone Kat KatsWorkshop RobotParts Robox Rey Time to learn a little more about your blinker stone Annie, what do you say?

p.507 Annie Jeanne Kat KatsWorkshop Rey Robots They really are obsessed with that painting of Jeanne aren’t they?

p.506 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Rey Come on now, be friends again

p.505 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Rey Ms Jones said everyone has a special skill, so I bet this is yours

p.504 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Rey Robots Set it down over there, boys

p.503 Cover BlinkerStone Icon: Anja and Donny in front of the EyeCrossed Rey binding program?

Chapter 21: Blinking

p.502 Bonus Coyote CoyoteStories Eyes Moon Thief Bonus Page: (Coyote tells a story about the moon. And himself, obviously)

p.501 Annie Kat Moon MoonPrint Observatory That… That can’t be right!

p.500 Annie Dirty Kat Moon MoonPrint Observatory Rey Everything’s the same as it always is

p.499 Annie Bridge Eglamore Gillitie Sword Ysengrin (Ysengrin escorts Annie to Eglamore, who then escorts her out of the forest)

p.498 Annie Coyote Gillitie Secret Ysengrin That is all for tonight, I think!

p.497 Annie Court Coyote CoyoteStories Gillitie God Ysengrin Why… It is man’s endevour to become God!

p.496 Annie Coyote CoyoteStories Eyes Gillitie Rey WoodenArm Ysengrin Ysengrin loves me very much

p.495 Annie AntimonySymbol Bridge Coyote CoyoteStories Etherics Eyes Gillitie MercurySymbol Moon Rey We heard he was captured. Tricked!

p.494 Annie Coyote CoyoteStories Gillitie Flowers Rey Surma Ysengrin Renard Loooves humans

p.493 Annie Coyote CoyoteStories Gillitie Rey Why, he killed that young man of course.

p.492 Aly Annie Court Coyote CoyoteStories Gillitie Traitor Ysengrin Is this the test I’ve heard about?

p.491 Annan Annie Bridge Court Coyote CoyoteStories Gillitie Moon When they shun their humanity, we welcome them here

p.490 Annie Coyote CoyoteStories Gillitie Moon MoonPrint Watch as I pluck the moon from the very sky

p.489 Annan Annie BismuthSymbol Court CourtSymbol Coyote CoyoteStories ForestSymbol Gillitie Rey Sun Ysengrin You made the Annan waters and the ravine?

p.488 Annie Coyote CoyoteStories Gillitie Moon Stars Sun Rey Ysengrin Together we came to this grand forest

p.487 Annie Coyote CoyoteStories Gillitie Eyes Stars Surma And we hope the friendship can be born anew

p.486 Annie Coyote CoyoteStories Etherics Eyes Gillitie Stars She told me how you placed the stars in the sky

p.485 Annie Coyote Gillitie Surma Ysengrin FIRE HEAD GIRL! Welcome to my forest

p.484 Coyote CoyoteTooth Gillitie Moon Trees Sun (Coyote, talking about himself. Really that could describe any page with him in…)

p.483 Annie Gillitie Shadowmen Trees Ysengrin (Annie and Ysengrin walk through the forest, watched by Shadowmen, until they reach a glade)

p.482 Annie Eglamore Gillitie Moon Stars Sword Trees Uniform Ysengrin You will take me to Coyote now

p.481 Annie Eglamore Gillitie Moon Stars Sword Trees Uniform Ysengrin Eglamore stays here. He is not welcome.

p.480 Annie Beacon Bridge Eglamore LeadSymbol Sword Uniform At the first sign of trouble, snap this beacon

p.479 Annie Bridge Eglamore LeadSymbol Sword Uniform Do you really need all those swords?

p.478 Annie Bridge CourtSymbol Eglamore ForestSymbol Jones LeadSymbol Sword Uniform Well, no need to keep them waiting.

p.477 Annie Armoury Eglamore Jones Uniform Is the forest really so dangerous?

p.476 Annie Armoury Eglamore Jones Uniform Try not to undress the female students James.

p.475 Annie Coyote Dirty Dorm Kat Rey Uniform Today I am going to visit Coyote

p.474 Annie Dirty Dorm Kat Rey Surma Uniform Surma made this body?

p.473 Cover Annan Annie Arrow BismuthSymbol Bridge Coyote Eglamore EyeSymbol Gear Gillitie Jeanne LeadSymbol Shadowmen Sun Sword TreeBody Trees Ysengrin Icon: Coyote

Chapter 20: Coyote Stories

p.441 Cover Etherics PowerStation Sky Stars Icon: a HorseBot drawn cart

Chapter 19: Power Station

p.440 Filler Annie Kat MetalGearSolid Man... now I really want some eggs.

p.439 Filler Annie Kat MetalGearSolid S-snaake... (Kat finishes playing Metal Gear Solid 4 and cries)

p.438 Bonus Annie Boxbot Classroom Grounds Students Bonus Page: The Worst Robot (Boxbot is Terrible)

p.437 Anja Flashback KatsWorkshop Surma Sometimes I think Donny misses Jim more than I do.

p.436 Anja Flashback KatsWorkshop Surma WorkshopKey Just to get one of those robots to move. I wish I could see it!

p.435 Annie Classroom Flashback Kat Winsbury Antimony! Wait for me!

p.434 Annie AntimonySymbol DiegoBot Kat Rey Robots RobotTomb S1 Sword Now we know Jeanne's name.

p.433 Annie AntimonySymbol DiegoBot Kat Rey Robot Robots RobotTomb S1 Sword The court robots have always maintained themselves

p.432 Annan Annie AntimonySymbol DiegoBot Jeanne Kat Rey Robot Robots RobotTomb S1 Shadow Sword I... that monster out there. I had such a hatred for it I could not... Ah... what a beautiful lady.

p.431 Annie AntimonySymbol DiegoBot Jeanne Kat Rey Robot Robots RobotTomb S1 Sword YoungBot For all his technical wonders, this Diego was unable to save her. So he fabricated this contrivance, this fantasy of his, and squirrelled it away beneath the ground

p.430 Annie AntimonySymbol Diego DiegoBot Kat Rey Robot Robots RobotTomb S1 Shadow Sword A coward's shrine, made in tribute to a woman he loved from afar. / do you think a woman like that could ever feel anything other than pity for such a runt of a man?

p.429 Annie DiegoBot Jeanne Kat Robot Robots RobotTomb S1 Shadow Sword It's her. Jeanne is the ghost by the Annan Waters.

p.428 Annie DiegoBot Kat Robot Robots RobotTomb S1 Shadow Sword He's going into that hole! (S1 opens up a hole in the wall and the other guys clamber through it)

p.427 Annie DiegoBot Kat Rey Robot Robots RobotTomb S1 Sword YoungBot Now they're all moving! (S1 beheads the YoungBot and bows while the other robots clap)

p.426 Annie AntimonySymbol DiegoBot Kat Rey Robot Robots RobotTomb S1 Sword YoungBot This so called "fight" is scripted. A morbid play acted out by these machines.

p.425 DiegoBot Kat Robot Robots RobotTomb S1 Sword YoungBot (S1 continues to fence and damage the YoungBot; Kat is mystified)

p.424 DiegoBot Robot Robots RobotTomb S1 Sword YoungBot You will pay for what you did to her. But you will never be forgiven.

p.423 Annie AntimonySymbol DiegoBot Kat Rey Robot Robots RobotTomb S1 Sword YoungBot What is that thing? (Rey pushes Annie and Kat out of the way while S1 fences the YoungBot)

p.422 DiegoBot Robots RobotTomb YoungBot (A large, beefy looking original robot emerges from the shadows)

p.421 Annie DiegoBot Kat Robot Robots RobotTomb S1 Shadow Sword Who is Jeanne? / She died and we did nothing.

p.420 Annie DiegoBot Kat Robot Robots RobotTomb S1 Sword Jeanne!

p.419 Annie DiegoBot Kat Robots RobotTomb Robots Sword Actually all I did was put his limbs and head on to his body and switch him on. I don't have the first idea how to make a robot.

p.418 Annie AntimonySymbol DiegoBot Kat Rey Robot Robots RobotTomb Shadow Sword All these beautiful, mechanically sound machines, and they don't do anything!

p.417 Annie Kat DiegoBot Robot Robots RobotTomb S1 Sword Oh! Here is one that looks a little like robot before his body was smashed / Very handsome! I bet you got all the girlbots back in the day, huh!

p.416 Annie AntimonySymbol Boxbot DiegoBot Horsebot Kat Rey Robots RobotTomb I've never seen robots as elaborate as these before! Some of them even look like they might be early designs for existing models.

p.415 Annie Kat DiegoBot Robots RobotTomb Shadow Look at 'em all! Have you ever seen anything like it?!

p.413 AntimonySymbol Kat RobotTomb Are you like her dad in disguise? / Ugh. Perish the thought, I was only curious. / You should stay as a wolf more often, dude.

p.412 AntimonySymbol Kat RobotTomb How is she doing in her studies? Does she have many other friends? Has anyone been givingg her trouble? Has a boy caught her eye?

p.411 Annie BlinkerStone Fire Kat Rey RobotTomb Shadow Oh, we got to the bottom, finally.

p.410 Annie BlinkerStone Fire Kat Rey RobotTomb Shadow Figure out how it burns somethings and not others. / It behaves that way because she wills it so. That's how a blinker stone works!

p.409 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Lockpicks Rey RobotTomb Shadow Watch as human technology crumbles before me! / Hmm, an ominous passagge that plunges into an inky blackness, sealed behind lock and chain

p.408 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Lockpicks Rey Robot RobotTomb Shadow Perhaps Reynardine… / Could smash the lock! / Could pick the lock properly. / Aw.

p.407 Annie Kat KatsWorkshop Rey Robot Shadow Hahaa! Check this out this is awesome!

p.406 Annie AntimonySymbol Court Kat KatsWorkshop Lockpicks Rey Robot Train TrainStation One is allowed to defend one’s own honour. (We see Robot in his mouse body)

p.405 Annie AntimonySymbol Kat Lockpicks Rey Students TrainStation Bah. Those buffoons! Insult you would they… Ahhh! I absolutely did not expect thiiiiis!

p.404 Annie Kat Rey Students TrainStation Hey! Nice Teddy! Are you off to nursery?

p.403 Classroom Kat Students Winsbury Is this one of those situations where you pretend to be interested and then throw it back in my face? Like those other times?

p.402 Annie Dorm Kat Stars We have seen stranger. Remember that cursed teapot?

p.401 Annie Dorm Kat Stars I think there might be something going on between him and Miss Jones

p.400 Anja DonlanHouse Donny Eglamore Kat Kiss Of course, he was Uncle Jimmy before he was Mister Eglamore

p.399 Anja Annie DonlanHouse Donny EyeCrossed Kat Kiss WorkshopKey Well, I think there is some life left in us yet. (Anja and Donny kiss)

p.398 Anja Annie DonlanHouse Donny Kat WorkshopKey This key unlocks my old unit down by the west canals.

p.397 Anja Annie CrystalBall DonlanHouse Donny Kat Waaait… what’s going on here? Nothing! I uh… was wondering if you knew someplace I could use as a workshop. (Kat does a faaabulous entrance pose)

p.396 BeckyGround Grounds Kat Students Real slick, Donlan.

p.395 Cover Annie BlinkerStone Fire Icon: Kat’s silhouette

Chapter 18: S1

p.361 Cover Knight Sword Icon: the Simulation of the founding of the court and the Seed Bismuth

Chapter 17: The Medium Beginning

p.360 Bonus CwnAnnwn GurtDog Gytrash LeanDog ModdeyDhoo Psychopomps Bonus Page: Dogs of the British Isles

p.359 Annie GoodHope Grounds Kat Surma SurmaWhisper It was something I have always kept in mind. She said… Always remember… remember I will never send you into danger.

p.358 Annan Annie Gillitie Grounds Jeanne Kat Sword I should have tried to help her… instead I was a fool and became scared when I thought she had cut me.

p.357 Annan Annie Gillitie Grounds Jeanne Kat Sword You said your Psychopomps friends could help her, right? So what if she’s stuck too?

p.356 Annie Grounds Ketrak MartinRoom ModdeyDhoo The world continues to spin, pup. The boy and his family will ensure it.

p.355 Annie Martin MartinRoom Mallt-y-nos ModdeyDhoo Moon Psychopomps Stars Martin. What's done is done. And now you must choose which of us will take yeh into the Aether

p.354 Annie Martin MartinRoom Mallt-y-nos ModdeyDhoo Psychopomps What did I do? Something really bad.

p.353 Annie Fire Martin MartinRoom (Annie dispels the fire, walks to the lost boy and comforts him)

p.352 Annie Fire MartinRoom Surma SurmaWhisper Always remember one thing…

p.351 Annie Fire Martin MartinLizard MartinRoom It’s fire! You were playing with fire!

p.350 Annie Fire MartinRoom Ooze This stuff doesn't come near me… but what is it?

p.349 Annie Martin MartinRoom Ooze Oh no oh no oh no Mum and Dad are gonna be so mad!

p.348 Annie Martin MartinLizard MartinRoom Ooze (The lost boy drops the lizard and it spreads out across the room becoming ooze)

p.347 Annie Martin MartinLizard MartinRoom I don’t like it.

p.346 Annie Martin MartinLizard MartinRoom Wanna see something cool?

p.345 Annie Martin MartinRoom Get away from me!

p.344 Annie Martin MartinRoom There is a big scary witch with a big dog outside my room! (Annie touches the lost boy’s arm and it withers)

p.343 Annie Martin MartinRoom (Annie finds the “boy who has lost his way” hiding under the bed)

p.342 Annie GoodHope Mallt-y-nos ModdeyDhoo Psychopomps She isn’t even listening! Surma was right, she’s too young!

p.341 Annie GoodHope Mallt-y-nos ModdeyDhoo Psychopomps In this circumstance ’e’s allowed ta make a choice, being born of two jurisdictions.

p.340 Annie FireHose GoodHope Mallt-y-nos ModdeyDhoo Psychopomps Child, there is a boy in the hospital who has lost his way

p.339 Annie GoodHope Mallt-y-nos ModdeyDhoo Psychopomps Surma SurmaWhisper Oooh a doggie.

p.338 Annie GoodHope Moon Mallt-y-nos ModdeyDhoo Psychopomps Stars Surma You know I would be of no use to you, not anymore.

p.337 Annie Grounds Kat Moon Stars He ah… has an owl head and doesn’t wear a shirt, you say?

p.336 Annie GoodHope Muut I’m going to visit a friend in Room 426, would you like to come?

p.335 Annie GoodHope Grounds Kat Moon Muut You seemed like you wanted to get rid of him pretty quick.

p.334 Annie Grounds Kat Ketrak Psychopombs Yes, I also think it might be best if you left. Goodbye, Ketrak.

p.333 Annie Grounds Kat Ketrak Psychopomps Ketrak, the insect guide has paid me a visit.

p.332 Annie Grounds Ketrak Spider Hello again, Ketrak

p.331 Cover GoodHope Moon Stars Icon: Annie and Kat on the Grounds

Chapter 16: A Ghost Story

p.305 Cover Scissors Icon: Red

Year 8
Chapter 15: Red Returns

p.304 Filler Annie Kat Mort Jokes Annie, Kat and Mort write joke comics with bad puns

p.303 Filler Strange photos from Tom?

p.302 Filler Kat Letter Letter from Kat in Italy to Annie

p.301 Filler Kat Letter Letter from Kat in Italy to Annie

p.300 Filler Annie Court Kat Rey Roof Guest Strip: Kel McDonald

p.299 Filler Gamma GuestComic Zimmy Guest Strip: Diana Nock of GirlBot

p.298 Filler Anja Annie Coyote Donny Eglamore Jones Parley Smitty Ysengrin Character sketches by Tom

p.297 Filler Dorm GuestComic Kat Mort Guest Strip: Dan Hassan of

p.296 Filler Kat Letter Letter from Kat in Scotland to Annie

p.295 Filler Annie BeckyGround Classroom Court GuestComic HarryPotter Winsbury Guest Strip: Ali Graham of Afterstrife

p.294 Filler Court Roof Sky Tea Telescope Tom

Filler & Guest Comics

p.293 Bonus Treatise Aly Annie AntimonySymbol BismuthSymbol CreatorGlyph Court Coyote FireSymbol Gillitie Hammer Jeanne Kat MercurySymbol Orb Rey Rocket Shadowmen Sun SunSymbol Sword WaterSymbol Ysengrin Bonus Page: Treatise 2 End of Book One

p.292 Annie AntimonySymbol Dorm Photo Rey And so did I wait for word from my father. Unaware that I would not hear from him for over two years.

p.291 Anja Annie AntimonySymbol BismuthSymbol Brinnie Donny Dorm Eglamore Photo Rey Surma You stole that from the parents of your closest friend?

p.290 Annie AntimonySymbol Dorm Rey Aren’t you going to ask me what I did? What law I broke?

p.289 AlyShirt Annie DonlanHouse Kat It won’t be any fun without you

p.288 AlyShirt Annie BlinkerStone DonlanHouse Kat In fact, the headmaster said I should meet with Parley and Andrew next year and maybe join them in some lessons

p.287 Annie AntimonySymbol CourtHall Headmaster Jones Parley Rey Smitty Do you realise how many people could slap a creature like Coyote on the rump and live to tell of it?

p.286 Annie BismuthSymbol CourtHall Donny Headmaster Jones Parley Rey Seeds The way he has distorted his body… I've seen similar but nothing quite like that

p.285 Annie BismuthSymbol CourtHall Coyote Eglamore Rey Ysengrin Come visit me in the forest where we may talk

p.284 CourtHall Coyote Ysengrin My sincerest apologies. Poor Ysengrin is so easy to rile these days

p.283 Annie CourtHall Donny Eglamore EthericShield Rey Sword Ysengrin (Ysengrin shoots his arm out to attack Annie, Rey steps in front and Donny’s etheric shield stops it)

p.282 Annie CourtHall Coyote Spankies Ysengrin You never could resist a pretty girl, could you?!

p.281 Annie AntimonySymbol CourtHall Coyote Rey Robot WoodenArm Won’t you come back to the forest with us, dearest cousin?

p.280 AntimonySymbol Bob CourtHall Coyote Employees Rey Ysengrin I tremble in the presence of your terrifying skills of gardening, Ysengrin.

p.279 Annie AnnieJumper AntimonySymbol CourtHall Coyote Headmaster Rey Ysengrin You fools are making jackasses of yourselves!

p.278 Anja Annie AnnieJumper CourtHall Donny Eglamore Headmaster Ysengrin Furthermore, we have proof that Anthony Carver was the one who planted the device there!

p.277 Anja CourtHall Donny TicToc Ysengrin We’ve wanted to capture one of them for a long time. If we could just study the remains…

p.276 Anja Annan Annie CourtHall Coyote Donny Eglamore Gillitie Headmaster TicToc Ysengrin It’s one of those birds!

p.275 Annie CourtHall Coyote Eglamore Jones Headmaster Muut Ysengrin Perhaps with the death of one of our people. At the hands of Sir Eglamore no less.

p.274 Annie CourtHall Coyote EyeSymbol Shadowmen Sun Ysengrin Your creations had glass eyes because of it

p.273 Anja Annie CourtHall Coyote Donny Eglamore Eglamore you hound!

p.272 Annie CourtHall Coyote Jones Headmaster Parley Smitty What game is this, Surma? Why are they saying you are dead?

p.271 Anja CourtHall Coyote Parley Smitty Ysengrin What is this? Where is your medium?

p.270 Anja Annie CourtHall Coyote Donny Eglamore Headmaster Ysengrin Is that you General? What the devil have you done to yourself?

p.269 Annie BismuthSymbol CourtHall Eglamore Parley Smitty Symbol Ysengrin She worked here as a medium, right? (Ysengrin and Eglamore make a dramatic entrance)

p.268 Annie CourtHall Parley Smitty Jeez! You’re Surma Stibnite’s kid?!

p.267 Annie BismuthSymbol CourtHall Headmaster Jones Parley Smitty SunSymbol Bah! I had all me stuff packed already. I look a mess! (People gather in the main court hall)

p.266 AlyShirt Anja Annie BlinkerStone DonlanHouse Eglamore Kat Roof There are more important things to focus on for now.

p.265 AlyShirt Anja Annie DonlanHouse Eglamore ForestSymbol Kat Roof Well, I’ll go and gather the usual people in the greeting hall.

p.264 AlyShirt Anja Annie DonlanHouse Eglamore ForestSymbol Kat Roof The people of the forest are requesting a visit.

p.263 AlyShirt Anja Annie BlinkerStone DonlanHouse Eglamore ForestSymbol Kat Roof I can only use the stone to make fire.

p.262 Anja Annie BlinkerStone Court CourtSymbol DonlanHouse ForestSymbol Gillitie Roof It’s a signal from the forest. We have to reply.

p.261 AlyShirt Anja Annie DonlanHouse ForestSymbol Kat Roof SilverSymbol Wow! What is it?!

p.260 AlyShirt Anja Annie DonlanHouse Kat SilverSymbol You would of course be welcome to come with us over the summer.

p.259 Annie Court Coyote Gillitie Janet Kat Margo Matt Paz SullivansJohn Winsbury And the second was when a god emerged from Gillitie Wood.

p.258 Cover Annie Court Coyote Icon: Coyote in front of the Sun

Chapter 14: The Fangs Of Summertime

p.228 Cover Kat Icon: Tower

Chapter 13: A Week For Kat

p.227 Bonus Annie Dorm Rey Bonus Page: Adonis in Stitches (Rey tries to excite Annie by generating a muscly human body)

p.226 Annie Kat Rey Robot ScienceLab Shadow Well, now that we have you back, Robot, we should do something about your body.

p.225 Annie Kat Rey Robot ScienceLab Shadow It’s a wonder my fool cousin hasn’t already retaliated.

p.224 Annie Annan Gillitie Kat Rey Robot The people of the forest will be wanting answers!

p.223 Annie Bridge Gillitie Robot Shadowman WoodenArm A ShadowMan took control of my body!

p.222 Annie Gillitie Rey Robot ScienceLab Ysengrin I remember. I crossed the bridge and the Shadow man joined his family

p.221 Annie Kat Rey Robot ScienceLab Am… am I in heaven?! I see an Angel before me!

p.220 Annie BismuthSymbol Kat Robot ScienceLab This docking station has a camera, speaker and microphone, so the Robot will be able to see, speak and hear.

p.219 Annie AntimonySymbol DoorBot Rey Robot RobotHQ Robots SecurityRobots StarHeadband Open the door, please, Mister Door Robot!

p.218 AdminBot Annie AntimonySymbol Rey Robot RobotHQ Robots SecurityRobots StarHeadband Oh my, how polite! And such a curious design

p.217 Annie AntimonySymbol Rey Robot RobotHQ Robots SecurityRobots StarHeadband Oh, I do so dislike alarms

p.216 Annie Lockpicks Rey Robot RobotHQ StarHeadband Here it is… S13

p.215 Annie AntimonySymbol Rey RobotHQ StarHeadband Symbol This must be a directory of all the CPUs being studied.

p.214 Annie AntimonySymbol Rey RobotHQ StarHeadband Fine… get on (Rey turns from a WolfToy into a proper wolf form)

p.213 Annie Rey RobotHQ StarHeadband Haha! Tired already child?!

p.212 AdminBot Annie RobotHQ Robots StarHeadband Meanwhile as his body begins a career in paper fastening, S13’s cpu has been sent to Research

p.211 AdminBot Annie Rey RobotHQ Robots StarHeadband Of course. S13 is quite sought after. Not least for all the trouble he causes

p.210 AdminBot Annie Rey RobotHQ Robots StarHeadband His name is Robot! Um… number 13?

p.209 Annie Court DoorBot Rey RobotHQ Robots StarHeadband We’re looking for a particular Robot

p.208 Annie Court DoorBot Rey RobotHQ Robots StarHeadband Robots onl… What’s that on your head?

p.207 Annie Kat ScienceLab Oh, I think I can put together a clever disguise. And bring some help.

p.206 Annie Kat Rey Robot ScienceLab Shadow I should at least find out what happened to him.

p.205 Annie DoorBot Court Robots RobotHQ Seraph (Boring Door) There was no handle on the door through which they escaped.

p.204 Annie Court Montgomery Robots Seraph I wanted to ask them about him, but they ran away when they saw me.

p.203 Annie Boxbot Kat Robot Robots ScienceLab Shadow Terrible On my way over I saw… Robots! (helloooo!)
Tom: nobody likes boxbot

p.202 Annie Kat ScienceLab Shadow Kat, that’s wonderful! He even sounds like you!

p.201 Annie Kat ScienceLab Shadow He isn’t really a shadow at all. He has a very slight mass on the molecular level that is so thin it might as well be a layer of light.

p.200 Cover AdminBot RobotParts Reynardine (Rey, Renard) with the AntimonySymbol on his forehead

Chapter 12: Mainly Involves Robots

p.199 Bonus Annie DonlanHouse Dorm Kat Bonus Page: Light Entertainment (Kat shows Annie Grand Theft Auto)

p.198 Bonus Gamma Zimmy Bonus Page: Plenty of Spiders (Zimmy and Gamma go looking for rats and spiders)

p.197 Annie Courtyard Gamma Rain Zimmy She says "thanks" for sitting with us.

p.196 Courtyard Rain Zimmy (Zimmy joyously slips and slides in the rain)

p.195 Courtyard Rain Zimmy Come on! Rain!

p.194 Annie AnnieCut Courtyard Gamma Kiss TicToc That bird is the thousand eyes. Zimmy cannot stand it looking at her. She can feel its stare.

p.193 Annie AnnieCut Courtyard Gamma Kiss TicToc (The guys go to the courtyard)

p.192 Annie Gamma Library Zimmingham Zimmy The storm is about to break. We must go outside

p.191 Birmingham CourtAgents Flashback Gamma Library Zimmingham Zimmy This is unlike the other schools you have attended.

p.190 Flashback Gamma Monster Zimmingham Zimmy How do you do that? I don't know.

p.189 Annie AnnieCut Library Zimmy It's like... tuning in a radio. All she has to do is b e near me an' the static gets pushed out.

p.188 Flashback Gamma Monster Zimmingham Zimmy Come on! Wake uuup!

p.187 Annie Gamma Library Zimmy 'Cos she tries to stay awake as long as I do, but I don't sleep.

p.186 Flashback Gamma Zimmingham Zimmy (Zimmy is talking in static)

p.185 Annie Gamma Kat Library Zimmy You gotta help, Carver, she needs to sleep.

p.184 Annie Gamma Kat Library Zimmy What do you guys want?

p.183 Annie Courtyard Gamma TicToc Zimmy (Annie and Gamma speak some Polish to each other)

p.182 Annie Courtyard Gamma TicToc Zimmy (Zimmy is standing in the courtyard with Annie and Gamma)

p.181 Cover Gamma Moon Sky Stars Icon: Gamma and Zimmy in Zimmingham

Chapter 11: Dobranoc, Gamma

p.180 Annie Classroom Kat Bonus Page: Pressing Matters (Kat dreams about Mulder in class)

p.179 Annie Court DrDisaster Janet Moon Paz SimRocket SullivansJohn Winsbury I suppose some things are better learned away from a text book.

p.178 Annie EnigmaronLair Janet Kat Moon Winsbury I hope you like your… smashed… death ray!

p.177 Annie BeckyGround DrDisaster EnigmaronLair Enigmarons Kat Moon Winsbury Oh well, here I go.

p.176 Annie DrDisaster EnigmaronLair Enigmarons Kat Moon Winsbury You’ll never get away with this!

p.175 Annie DrDisaster EnigmaronLair Moon Simulation It is up to you, spacemonaut Carver, to rescue them and complete the mission!

p.174 Annie Kat Moon Simulation Students It’s a chance for us to dress up and run around like crazies.

p.173 Annie Kat Moon Simulation Students You can join them if you wish. I’m sure I’ll catch up eventually.

p.172 Annie Enigmarons Janet Kat Matt Moon Simulation Winsbury Those are the terrible Enigmarons? They don’t even have arms.

p.171 Annie DrDisaster Janet Kat Matt Moon SimRocket Simulation Winsbury Doctor! We are approaching the moon!

p.170 Annie DrDisaster Kat SimRocket Simulation The evil Enigmarons are threatening the earth from their moon base on the moon!

p.169 Annie Court Kat SimRocket Simulation But that’s not the point. You’re supposed to enjoy it!

p.168 Annie Court DrDisaster Kat I must admit I question the educational value of Dr. Disaster’s classes.

p.167 Classroom DrDisaster Janet Matt Students Teacher Winsbury Well, that clears my next 40 minutes

p.166 Annie Classroom DrDisaster Janet Kat SullivansJohn Teacher Winsbury Spacemonauts! The earth is in peril!

p.165 Cover Annie DrDisaster EnigmaronLair Kat Moon SimRocket Simulation Sky Stars Icon: Enigmaron

Chapter 10: Doctor Disaster Versus the Creepy Space Aliens from Outer Space

p.164 Bonus Annie Classroom Rey Bonus Page: Detention (Annie and Rey in detention)

p.163 113 Eglamore Habitat HabitatSymbol WoodenArm It's been taken care of.

p.162 Annie Bridge Eglamore EglamoreOffice LeadSymbol Robot Sword WoodenArm There was... a robot on the bridge. What happened to it?

p.161 Annie Eglamore EglamoreOffice Rey Tiki Just know that I will be keepingg a close eye on him. And you.

p.159 Annie Eglamore EglamoreOffice LeadSymbol Sword Tiki You wanted to see me sir?

p.158 Annie AntiGravGenerator AntiGravShip Classroom DonlanHouse Donny Kat Mort I told them I was going to go down there and find you one way or another.

p.157 Annie Bridge Classroom Eglamore Kat Rey Robot Sword TicToc WoodenArm he looked kinda upset. But nothing like how I was as soon as I found out what happened.

p.156 Annie Classroom Kat Mort It's probably because you are so attractive.

p.155 Agni Ankou Annie GoodHope Mercury Neith Psychopomps Veles For the longest time I never understood why these people were gone the next day.

p.154 Annie GoodHope Muut Psychopomps Surma For as long as I could remember I would see creatures walking the halls, hidden from the hospital staff.

p.153 Annie Classroom Kat Mort Muut That sucks about the ghost with the sword. That isn't supposed to happen.

p.152 Annie BlinkerStone Classroom Kat Mort It was a very thoughtful gift. / Aw shucks, 't weren't no big thing.

p.151 Annie Classroom Kat Mort (Annie scares Mort instead)

p.150 113 AlchemyChart BismuthSymbol Classroom Kat LeadSymbol MercurySymbol SunSymbol VenusSymbol (Mort decides to scare Kat)

p.149 Cover Tiki Icon: Mask resembling both the Moon and a Yin-Yang

Chapter 9: Questions and Answers

p.148 Bonus Fairies Ogee Tea Bonus Page: Regional Fairies

p.147 Annie AntiGravShip Court Kat This isn’t just a school is it?

p.146 Annan Annie AntiGravShip Gillitie Jeanne Kat Shadow You remember that time I told you that I’d never lost anyone I cared for?

p.145 Annan Annie BlinkerStone Gillitie Jeanne Kat Shadow Shadow 2, I may be able to take you back with me if you hide.

p.144 Annan Annie Blue Gillitie Kat Red Maybe we’ll see you when we get to the Gunner’s Crag!

p.143 Annan Annie AntiGravShip Blue Gillitie Kat Red Shadow I made my anti-grav unit into a ship!

p.142 Annan Annie AntiGravShip Gillitie Kat I knew you were still alive!

p.141 Annan Annie AnnieCut Blood Blue Gillitie Jeanne Red Sword (Jeanne slashes Annie across the face, a light appears)

p.140 Annan Annie Blue Gillitie Jeanne Red Sword Are you from the other shore? How did you cross the…

p.139 Annan Annie BlinkerStone Blue Fire Gillitie Jeanne Red Sword TicToc (The fire goes out, the fairies and Annie sleep, and Jeanne appears)

p.138 Annan Annie BlinkerStone Blue Fire Gillitie Jeanne Red Shadow Are you saying that some of the students at my school used to be fairies like you?

p.137 Annan Annie Blue Gillitie Red Shadow Gunner’s crag? Do you mean Gunnerkrigg Court?

p.136 Annan Annie Blue Blood Flashback Gillitie Glass GoodHope Red Shadow Surma Water It was my fault. I should clean it up.

p.135 Annan Annie BlinkerStone Blue Fire Gillitie Red Shadow Just put it on the ground and imagine a fire.

p.134 Annan Annie Blue Gillitie Jeanne Muut Red Shadow Someone beyond even our reach. Be thankful she cannot cross the river.

p.133 Annan Annie BlinkerStone Gillitie Jeanne Muut Shadow He wanted us to give you this. Something you may find useful given your… current situation

p.132 Annan Annie Blue Gillitie Muut Red TicToc Someone who is “just fine” would not be in this place.

p.131 Annan Annie Blue Gillitie Muut Red Shadow Well if you are so eager to take your own lives, you can do it yourselves.

p.130 Annan Annie Blue Gillitie Red Shadow Now bring it over here! And squash us flat!

p.129 Annan Annie Blue Gillitie Red Shadow He says it was some other shadow guy dat made your friend push you off the bridge.

p.128 Annan Annie Blue Gillitie Red Robot Shadow WoodenArm You did something to poor robot, and I won’t allow you to do the same to me.

p.127 Annan Annie Gillitie Scissors TicToc Well, mechanical or not, you and your friends saved my life

p.126 Annan Annie AnnieJumper Jeanne Gillitie TicToc in the distance there was a light, shining dimly from the opposite shore.

p.125 Annan Annie Gillitie TicToc If it’s not too much trouble, perhaps the other shore would be a better…

p.124 Annan Annie Gillitie TicToc (TicTocs catch Annie and carry her to the riverbank)

p.123 Annie Flashback Glass GoodHope Surma Water Now I know how the glass felt

p.122 Annie Flashback Glass GoodHope Water I dropped a glass.

p.121 Cover Glass Water Icon: Glass, Water

Chapter 8: Broken Glass and Other Things

p.120 Bonus Treatise Annie Caduceus FireSymbol Kat MercurySymbol Moon Orb River Hexagram Stars Sun Trees VII WaterSymbol Bonus Page: Treatise One (Ora lege relege labora et invenies = Pray, Read, Reread, Work and You Shall Find)

p.119 Annie Bridge Eglamore TicToc (Annie falls off the bridge)

p.118 Annie Bridge Rey Robot Shadowman Sword WoodenArm (Robot pushes Annie, the sword flies into him, breaking his body and slicing the WoodenArm and the Shadowman)

p.117 Annie Bridge Eglamore Rey Robot Shadowman Sword TicToc WoodenArm Oh! So this is Reynardine? Well now, this makes things much easier!

p.116 Annie Bridge Eglamore Rey Robot Sword TicToc WoodenArm Robot, you have a new arm?

p.115 Bridge Eglamore Kat Sword Is that Carver? She left school grounds?!

p.114 Annie Bridge Rey Robot Shadowman TicToc WoodenArm And Shadow 2? What are you both doing here?

p.113 Annie Bridge Kat Rey It must be robot. He may need my help.

p.112 AlchemyChart Annie BismuthSymbol Bridge Kat Rey Robot ScienceLab Shadowman Could he have come back?

p.111 AlchemyChart Annie BismuthSymbol Blush Bridge Kat Rey ScienceLab Are you two going to kiss now?

p.110 AlchemyChart Annie BismuthSymbol Kat Rey ScienceLab VenusSymbol Kat, I’m sorry I caused a scene this morning.

p.109 Anja Donny DonlanHouse Eglamore EglamoreKnife EtherSymbol You still carry that thing, Jim?

p.108 Annie Anja Donny DonlanHouse Eglamore EglamoreKnife EtherSymbol Kat Rey Criminal or not, I won’t allow him to be subjected to that again.

p.107 Annie Anja Donny DonlanHouse Eglamore EglamoreKnife EtherSymbol EthericShield EyeCrossed Rey I can take anything with eyes, be they real or not.

p.106 Annie Anja Donny DonlanHouse Eglamore EglamoreKnife EthericShield EyeCrossed Rey Damn you, girl! And I had the perfect disguise!

p.105 Annie Anja Donny DonlanHouse Eglamore Kat Rey If you don’t mind; I also have something I think you should see

p.104 Annie Anja Donny DonlanHouse Eglamore Kat But when Anthony wants to disappear, he’ll do so.

p.103 Annie Anja Blush Donny DonlanHouse Eglamore Kat Photo Tony Who’s this cute guy here? That… that would be me.

p.102 Annie Anja Brinnie Donny DonlanHouse Eglamore Kat Photo Tony Wow! Is this you guys when you were kids?!

p.101 Annie Anja Donny DonlanHouse Eglamore EtherSymbol Kat MercurySymbol Rey Reynardine can’t hurt anyone any more

p.100 Annie Anja Donny DonlanHouse Eglamore EtherSymbol Kat Call me Anja, and this is Donny.

p.99 Annie Bridge Eglamore Rey Robot Shadowman TicToc WoodenArm (Robot is on the bridge with a wooden arm, Rey is trying to drag Annie away, Eglamore is running towards them)

p.98 Annie BismuthSymbol Court Kat LeadSymbol TicToc Something is wrong.

p.97 Cover TicToc Icon: TicToc

Chapter 7: Of New and Old

p.96 Bonus Annie Dolls Dorm Kat NapoleonHat Rey Bonus Page: Reynardine The Great (Annie lets Rey out of the box and Kat gives him some dolls)

p.95 Annie CherryTree Habitat Kat The school’s got to know where your dad is.

p.94 Annie CherryTree Court GoodHope Habitat Kat They said he didn’t work there any more and they didn’t know how to contact him.

p.93 Annie CherryTree Habitat Kat What about your dad? I don’t know where he is.

p.92 Annie Bob CherryTree Crying Habitat Kat I miss my mummy…

p.91 Annie Bob CherryTree Habitat Kat You caught us red handed! Hahaha!

p.90 Annie CherryTree Habitat Kat (Annie and Kat throw cherries into each others’ mouths and Kat falls out of the tree)

p.89 Annie CherryTree Habitat Kat (Annie and Kat climb the tree and sit in it)

p.88 Annie CherryTree Habitat Kat We all eat a handful of dirt before we die, Annie. Who cares if it tastes like cherries?

p.87 Annie Court Habitat Kat I wanted to show you something

p.86 Annie BismuthSymbol Blush Court HabitatSymbol Kat Tell me more about Mr. Eglamore! What was it like being wrapped up in his arms?

p.85 Cover CherryTree Habitat Icon: the Cherry Tree in the Habitat

Chapter 6: A Handful of Dirt

p.84 Bonus Margo Janet SullivansJohn Winsbury Bonus Page: Cupid Undone (Winsbury and Janet secretly express their love)

p.83 Annie BismuthSymbol Dorm Gamma Hall Kat Rey Zimmy Bah! This is the thanks I get!

p.82 Annie Gamma Hall Kat Rey Zimmy I don’t know what you are but you’re so cute!

p.81 Annie AntimonySymbol Gamma Hall Kat Rey Zimmy I hoped I could win your favour if I helped your gypsy friend win this blasted spectacle.

p.80 Annie Hall Kat Rey Zimmy Reynardine? Mr Eglamore said you were dead!

p.79 Annie Gamma Hall Kat Rey Zimmy We’re here to find who’s been messing with our stuff. an’ we found ‘im!

p.78 Annie Dorm Gamma Hall Kat Zimmy aha!

p.77 Annie Dorm Kat Hall Students Several of the 8 experiments had been purposefully ruined overnight.

p.76 Annie Gamma Hall Zimmy This is… an abomination.

p.75 Anja Annie AntiGravGenerator BismuthSymbol Eglamore Hall Kat Quite a chip off the ol’ block, eh Anja?

p.74 Annie Gamma Kat Library Zimmy I’ll see you and bignose and ‘er crappy invention tomorrow!

p.73 Annie Gamma Kat Library Zimmy Zimmy and Gamma from Chester South, that’s us!

p.72 Annie Gamma Kat Library Zimmy What you lookin’ at? you got a problem?

p.71 Annie BismuthSymbol Classroom Kat Do you want to help? I’d like that very much!

p.70 AntiGravGenerator Classroom Kat Teacher class 7qn’s entrant in the year 7 science fair will be Katerina’s zero gravity generator!

p.69 Cover Annie Bismuth Gamma Library Zeta Icon: Kat in the Library

Chapter 5: Two Strange girls

p.68 Bonus Janet Mort Bonus Page: Bad Choice (Mort tries to scare Janet)

p.67 Annie Court Mort Thanks a bunch, Annie

p.66 Circus Clowns Paz (Paz gets frightened by a creepy circus clown, screams and runs away)

p.65 Circus Clowns Paz (Paz follows the balloon to some creepy circus clowns)

p.64 Court Paz (Paz is walking along, humming, when she realises the door is gone, and a nice balloon)

p.63 Annie Court Mort Find out what scares them and take it from there

p.62 Annie Court Mort I don’t think anyone has been scared of the bedsheet phantasm ensemble for a long time

p.61 Annie Court Mort I’m a ghost! Aren’t you scared?!

p.60 Annie Court (Annie trims a bonsai, then hears a ghost wailing)

p.59 Cover Annie Court Icon: Annie in the Court

Chapter 4: Not Very Scary

p.58 Bonus EugeneGould HardwickLittleBestiary RogatOrjak Bonus Page: Rogat Orjak (Hardwick and Little’s Bestiary)

p.57 AnimalCells Annie Dorm Eglamore Kat Rey I never got a chance to ask about my mother

p.56 AnimalCells Annie Eglamore EyeCrossed LeadSymbol SivoBody Rey When he leaves a body, it dies.

p.55 AnimalCells Annie Eglamore EyeCrossed LeadSymbol SivoBody The body originally belonged to a Rogat Orjak named Sivo

p.54 AnimalCells Annie AntimonySymbol Eglamore EyeCrossed Lockpicks Rey MercurySymbol WolfToy (Rey’s spirit enters the Wolf Toy instead)

p.53 AnimalCells Annie Eglamore LeadSymbol Rey MercurySymbol WolfToy (Rey leaves his body as a spirit and hovers over Annie. Eglamore knocks Annie out of the way)

p.52 AnimalCells Annie Rey MercurySymbol WolfToy In fact what I need is… your body!

p.51 AnimalCells Annie Eglamore LeadSymbol Rey Sword Hiding behind a little girl isn’t exactly very sporting

p.50 AnimalCells Annie Eglamore EyeCrossed Rey Sword (Large Animal Holding Cells. Annie peers in, Rey is lying down, Eglamore standing in front of him)

p.49 Annie Court Train TrainStation WolfToy I realised for the first time that I’d barely seen anyone other than the people in my class

p.48 Annie Hospital Lockpicks TicToc WolfToy Judging by the state Reynardine was in, I deduced his prison was somewhere on the school grounds.

p.47 Annie Hospital Rey Surma My mother could not be the only person with this name

p.46 Annie Hospital Kat WolfToy You were hit on the head when the ceiling collapsed

p.45 Annie AntimonySymbol Eglamore Rey Roof So… this must be her daughter.

p.44 Annie Eglamore Rey Roof Sword WolfToy You are bleeding, child.

p.43 Annie Eglamore LeadSymbol Rey Roof Sword WolfToy If you leave, the man on yonder will take me away.

p.42 Annie Rey Roof WolfToy Surma, is that you?

p.41 Annie Rey Roof WolfToy (Howling on roof)

p.40 Annie Dorm Roof WolfToy What a strange noise…

p.39 Anja BeckyGround Dorm Janet Paz Quickly, girls. We need to evacuate the room!

p.38 Annie Dorm Kat Roof WolfToy (Roof collapse)

p.37 Annie AntimonySymbol Dorm Eglamore Kat That’s the alchemist’s symbol for Antimony

p.36 Annie Eglamore Gym Kat Well, just let me know the next time Winsbury gives you grief

p.35 Annie Eglamore Gym Kat Winsbury Carver! Donlan! Get over here!

p.34 Annie Gym Kat Winsbury So what are you gonna do about it?

p.33 Cover Annie AntimonySymbol Court LeadSymbol MercurySymbol Sky Roof Icon: Crossed out eye symbol (EyeCrossed)

Chapter 3: Reynardine

p.32 Bonus Dorm Queslett Shadow Tea Bonus Page: Year 7 Dormitories

p.31 Annie Basil Classroom Janet Kat SullivansJohn I hope all our homework is this interesting.

p.30 Annie Basil Classroom And now of course, I turn out to be the bad guy.

p.29 Annie Basil Classroom Janet Kat Paz SullivansJohn Winsbury I have a time share on the labyrinth you found me in

p.28 Annie Basil Kat Labyrinth Phew, you girls gave me a fright, sneaking around like that.

p.27 Annie Basil Kat Labyrinth BLAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

p.26 Annie GoodHope Kat Labyrinth Surma Tony It was her wish that I continue my education here

p.25 Annie Kat Labyrinth so we won’t get lost if we went in, because there are no dead ends, like in a maze.

p.24 Annie Kat Labyrinth Library Is this the guy you were talking about?

p.23 Annie JonesFootprints Kat Library There is a whole section devoted to Greek mythology it seems

p.22 Annie Kat Library Is this all there is?

p.21 Annie Classroom Kat I was thinking of covering the minotaur

p.20 Annie Classroom Janet Kat Winsbury Teacher Find as much information as you can on a mythical figure of your choice

p.19 Anja Annie Classroom Kat Winsbury SullivansJohn Wait for me!

p.18 Anja Annie Classroom Winsbury How have you found your first two weeks at our school?

p.17 Cover Annie Kat Labyrinth Icon: Minotaur (Basil)

Chapter 2: Schoolyard Myths

p.16 Bonus Blackboard Chester Foley Queslett Tea Thornhill Bonus Page: Houses at Gunnerkrigg Court

p.15 Annie Bridge Gillitie Teacher Sorry sir. I got lost.

p.14 Bridge Gillitie Robot Shadow Shadowmen Here you go little buddie!

p.13 Bridge Robot Shadow TicToc Oh look! A birdie!

p.12 Annie Bridge Robot Shadow Never fear little guy. I have this under control!

p.11 Annie Bridge Robot Shadow Once darkness fell, Shadow 2, Robot and I got ready at the foot of the bridge

p.10 Annie Bridge Robot Shadow Together the three of us returned to the bridge

p.9 Annie Robot Shadow Luckily, piecing the contraption together was relatively easy

p.8 Annie Shadow Library Snatching a nearby box of spare parts

p.7 Annie Shadow Library I hadn’t the first idea how to build a robot

p.6 Annan Annie Shadow I must construct a robotic walking device

p.5 Annan Annie Bridge Gillitie Shadow Gunnerkrigg Court is a boarding school

p.4 Annie Shadow Where are you trying to go?

p.3 Annie Shadow At times I would see this creature jump from shadow to shadow

p.2 Annie Shadow Gunnerkrigg Court does not look much like a school at all

p.1 Cover Annie Court Sky Icon: Gunnerkrigg Court

Chapter 1: The Shadow and The Robot